How to Market Yourself on Instagram

Instagram is a superhero tool when you are subjected to market yourself on Instagram. When you want to do your business on Instagram then you have to follow some steps along with posting photos. All you have to do is to switch your account to a business account. There are many businesses and brands that are taking advantage of social media especially Instagram in promoting their products and services.

Engagement rates on Instagram are higher even more than Facebook. This is because of the large number of users on Instagram than any other social media network. So Instagram is the most favorable place to do businesses and promoting your brand also.

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Post Quality Content:

Posting the quality content is the key to success but unfortunately, most people overlook this point. In fact, the photos you are posting on Instagram must be of high quality. Even the comments and videos should also be of high quality, according to LightningLikes. The shape of your photo should be in the form of a square. If your photo crosses the square then no one will give it a single glance. The quality of the picture also matters. For example, usually, people get 1080 x 1080 pixels for high quality. Check out Instasize to help you achieve quality photos.

Buddy Up:

This is also very helpful in increasing growth on Instagram. Buddy up means that you can ask your friends and colleagues who use Instagram and other social media networks to like and follow your business account and also you can do the same for you. In this way, you can gain publicity for free. You can also gain followers and also get higher engagement rates with the help of influencers.

Take Advantage of Insights:

It is the service called insights which is available for persons who have a business account. It gives you demographics about your followers and viewers. You get a close view of the insights of your audience. Now you can easily find hashtags and also can create interesting and eye-catching topics.

Humanize Your Brand:

Make your Instagram personal and show behind the scenes stories regularly. Don’t join those groups who are just promoting their products or have billions of likes on their account. These are fake accounts and working with the help of bots. Show behind the scene stories and the nature of work in the feed.

Make Strong Relationships with Followers:

You should make strong relationships with your followers so that your followers may stick to your account for a lifetime. You can post fun photos and videos from your followers on your site. You should post behind the scene stories so that your followers are used to see your interesting stories every day. Talk to them personally in the comment section and you can also contact them in Direct Messaging.

Promote with Other Social Media:

As you are familiar with marketing, I am sure that you also have accounts on other social media networks like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. So to promote your business on Instagram, you have to cross-promote your brand on other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. In this way, you can drive the audience from Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to your Instagram account. Besides this, you can also use Likegrowers to reach your target audience and get more followers and drive more sales from Instagram.

Use Hashtags:

Instagram is all about hashtags. All game is of hashtags where people can search your account with the help of hashtags. You should use unique hashtags according to your brand. Use the hashtags wisely and don’t use so many hashtags in a single post. Use the trending hashtags and also, the branded hashtags to get more and more views towards your account.

Invest Some time in Learning the Art of Photography:

You should go through different ideas of photography. You can take help from other Instagram accounts who are at the top position in the art of photography. You should make a strong level of consistency among your images. Also, you should make sure that your photos are relevant to your business. If you are working on the niche of traveling then you should only post photos of traveling not the selfies of yourself.

Create a Contest:

People always feel very excited to take part in healthy competition and also jump into the opportunity to win free stuff. Don’t run the contest every day as people get bored with this. You should run the contest occasionally and it is a great way to market a particular product or expand to a wider audience.

Final Thoughts:

These tips will help you stand out in the crowd of the marketing world. Instagram has proved to be an ideal platform for people all over the world. In fact, it is the platform of inspiration and creativity. Instagram has open the gates for businesses of all kind.