Is Twitter Still Good for Business Marketing in 2024

Twitter is one of the most underestimated social media platforms in the world. The number of active users is pretty smaller compared to the other commercial platforms since it’s pretty limited, but that can be a huge benefit for those who want to target a specific group of people through their favorite microblogging service.

Since not a lot of people are present there, the marketers can focus on realistic goals. But, according to the things we know, it can be pretty difficult even for the most experienced marketers to run a successful campaign on Twitter. Why is the situation like that?

Even though there aren’t plenty of active users (again, compared to Facebook or Instagram), they share millions of tweets every day. So, the market can be easily overwhelmed by tweets with no relevant content, and if you share one or two posts per day, they won’t be visible as expected. On the other hand, you shouldn’t behave like a bot who spams the followers with boring content and ads. The line between being successful or marked as a bot is very thin and almost blurred, so you can easily win or fail this game.

Also, a lot of brands are making mistakes when it comes to attracting new followers. The people who use Twitter regularly are more likely to follow someone who is funny or interesting to them, sometimes celebrities or popular individuals, but the brands don’t have a lot of chances in that “pool of people”.

That’s why they are going for those unpopular follow-to-follow services, and fill up their profiles with bots – users who have a profile, but they aren’t active, so nothing good comes from them. Also, there are other services that for a few dollars will help you find active and relevant followers, who will help you enhance your strategy, as you can find on But, you can’t do this forever, and you have to adjust your strategy to the current situation.

So, let’s answer the question:

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Is Twitter still relevant for marketing in 2024?

Yes, it is, if you know how to use it!

If you have the right approach, you can get organic engagements and reach. So, no bots are allowed, because even if you have 5,000 followers, and only 500 of them are really active, you won’t get any result and it will seem like you don’t need it at all. But, if you do the things we will mention below, you will get the most of your profile:

1. Optimize your profile


That means you need to put a relevant avatar (the profile picture) but also brand it with the cover photo. Don’t forget to write a catchy bio, that briefly explains what are you doing there. If the aesthetics are visually attractive to the audience, but also to include your website link and all credible information, so the people can see that you are a relevant profile. You can even customize the colors, so you can personalize them, or match them with the business colors.

2. Create a community

Your goal shouldn’t be having a lot of followers, especially if most of them aren’t interested in what you have to offer. On the other hand, if you create a small community around you, with your customers, friends, and people who appreciate your work, it would be easier to turn those engagements into effective purchases. Use the basic tools Twitter offers to you, like replying, mentioning similar profiles, retweet, and quote. It’s a bonus if you are funny and unique, so the people can recognize your style and always relate to you when they meet something similar.

3. You can provide a real-time customer service


A lot of brands are using their Twitter profiles so the customers can easily contact them through mentioning or sending direct messages. In many cases, it’s more effective than waiting for the operator to pick up the phone, or the agents to reply to your email. Direct communication can bring a lot of benefits for both the company and customers, so don’t hesitate to do that, even though it will be a little weird at the beginning.

4. Keep up with the trending topics

Twitter gives you a unique option to track the trending topics and create your content according to them. No matter what’s today’s hot topic, you can try to incorporate it in your tweets, and engage with the audience. Another interesting feature is that the trending topics can let you start a live-tweeting section, and be active while all the others are. That will help you get more followers, who will later engage with your content. For example, TV channels, websites, or even celebrities usually use this feature while some important event is broadcasted or happening right at that moment.

5. Encouraging “chats”


If you ask something, the chances are that a lot of people will reply to you, and start a conversation. You can ask them what they think about your new product or blog post, or you can even organize a giveaway, so you can encourage them to join you. A lot of brands often post questions on Twitter, so they can make their followers talk to them, or at least retweet them, so they can be more visible to the audience.

So, it’s a fact that if used properly, Twitter can be a nice addition to your social media portfolio, but also a powerful tool that will help you attract even more customers.

As we said, it’s one of the most difficult platforms to use for marketing, but if you sound natural and you are consistent with your everyday activity, more people will recognize you and will want to become a part of your story.

Twitter is one of the best platforms to share content and build your social media presence, since the standard rules aren’t worth it there, and you should test a lot of strategies and approaches, until one day when they discover you and boom! – there you are. Just make sure you have the right person to do that for you if you can’t do it by yourself.