Why You Should Become A Software Engineer

One of the greatest decisions in life is about our careers. If we focus too much on what others have to say, about what our parents think might be the best for us and various other factors, we will stray from our path and choose a career which we don’t like. And that means that we will be stuck at the job we hate. Besides advice from our friends and family, we also need to know what is currently going on on the market in our country and base our decision on it – and of course, it should be something you love to do.


If the system of schooling is not yet adjustable to the current and future demands for employees, we must gather the needed information to form a clear idea of future required education, skills, and concepts. With the necessary report, we can eliminate professions that have small incomes and focus on more profitable occupations. Nowadays, people are turning towards technology as they believe that great wages can be earned in this branch – and they are not wrong!


The modern world of hiring employees knows the two basic rules: to learn new skills as fast as you can and be creative and innovative while doing so. These rules should be used as a suggestion when choosing your future profession, with financial and social benefits in mind. The current and the future requirements of the market will ask for the professionals in the IT sector and that is a niche many people try to fit in. Becoming a software engineer is a dream which wasn’t remotely popular just 10 years ago. And now, lots of people are going towards that profession and many are already working as one.


The financial benefit is the most attractive one when speaking about the software engineer profession. Another benefit is demand – you will be able to land a job in a blink of an eye since lots of company are looking for a software engineer. Allowing you the social recognition through such an occupation it truly represents one of the professions for the future 20 years. Your previous experience will determine the road you will have. But bear in mind – being and becoming a good software engineer takes a lot of work.


We all want our invested energy and time in becoming successful which will allow us to lead the life we have always wanted. In the USA, the cradle of the software engineers, the incomes are higher than in any other country in the world. We have companies like Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Google, Tesla to be able to offer the best financial gains in this field. Depending on your experience and the position, in the USA, the average salary for software engineers is $92,000.


The fact that India has average incomes just over $10,000 tells you why the mentioned companies have the “first pic” for potential employees from all over the world. Second average incomes are in  Switzerland $85,000, the third is Norway with about $70,000 which is almost equal to Denmark and Israel average incomes in this field of IT technology. To mention that the UK has the average salaries of $59,000 for software engineers, just confirming our theory that this is and will be a suitable profession for the generation now.