How to Properly Wax Your Car – with Amazing Results

Have you ever walked along the streets and came across that old, beat-up looking vehicle and wondered whether their owners ever cared for their vehicles? There are several things that the owner may be failing to do, and waxing is one of them. You don’t want to be like that person, you should ensure that you are taking all actions so that your vehicle will remain as new as you bought it. In this brief, we will discuss how you should wax your car and eventually give you an insight into what you can expect.

The process of waxing a car can be daunting and stressing especially when you don’t have enough information about it. However, if you know how to select the best wax and eventually how to do the real task, it will be simpler and easier for you. The information is unlimited, and hence you can read more on

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Choose a car wax or paint sealant

If you want to perform this the right way, you should start by selecting the right products to start with. There are a lot of things that you are supposed to consider to make sure you get the right wax for your car. Start by considering the color of your car, if it’s black, then you can look for the best wax for black vehicles.

Prepare your vehicle for waxing

Now that you have the right wax for your car, the next thing is to prep your vehicle for the application. Start by washing the vehicle. This can be done easily by using some mild soap and water. You should as well use a soft and a clean towel to do so. Before you apply the wax, make sure your car is extremely clean because wax has a hard time adhering to dirt and dust. After your vehicle is clean, then take it to a garage or any other place away from direct sunlight.

Place some wax onto the foam applicator

Now you have to enter into the real task. Now put some wax on the applicator and start applying. However, before you get to this extent, ensure you read the manufacturer’s directions just to be sure. When you are applying the wax, just ensure you are not using too much of it. Applying too much of it is a common mistake that most of the people make. More wax creates more waste, and it may as well get harder to remove. For any case, if you don’t have a foam applicator, then you can use a damp sponge. This is not the best applicator, but it may work well in this case.

Use gentle and overlapping circular motions

Now start applying the wax but ensure you don’t start from anywhere. The best decision to make here is to divide the vehicle up into sections and wax each section at a time. This makes sure that there’s a uniform application. When applying, use gentle overwrapping strokes to make sure it’s applied the right way. Just apply some little pressure rather than pressing too much.

Now buff the vehicle

It’s now time to choose a high speed, dual action buffer to apply more wax to the car and later buff pout any imperfections. However, you have to set your buffer at low speeds and later buffer eventually on the surface of the car. You can eventually apply more wax as needed.

Now give your car some time to sit

Now that you have handled the whole task as needed, you need to give the ax some time to sit. However, ensure the car is not in direct sunlight. You need to make read the user instructions to make sure you are following all the needs closely. You can wait as long as the manufacturer recommends.

Now use a microfiber cloth to remove the wax

Now that you have allowed it enough time to settle, the last thing to do is to remove the wax and give your care the perfect polish. Move the cloth in a circular motion to remove the wax. Just know when to replace the cloth especially when you notice it begins to drag which is a sign that it has too much built up. Now you can continue polishing the other sides of the car until you get a high shine.