What to Consider When Installing New Windows in Concord?

If you want to improve your living conditions, consider replacing your home windows in Concord. By installing new window systems, you will solve the problem of draughts, noise, excessive humidity, and constant temperature changes.

Also, such investments will quickly pay off: you can reduce your electricity costs and increase the market value of your property. Read our article to know more about how to choose quality windows and how much they can cost.

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How Can You Tell if a Window Is a Good Quality?

We have compiled 5 tips that will help you choose high-quality windows in Concord:


is my window a Good Quality one - material - vinyl

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The most popular material on the market is 100% unprocessed vinyl PVC. Its advantages are practicality, reliability, long life and durability. Also, vinyl windows are very affordable.

Of course, you can buy window systems made of other materials. But they are unlikely to serve you as well as vinyl. Wood can deform easily: it does not like sudden temperature changes and can crack from the heat or start to rot in a humid climate. In addition, wooden windows are much more expensive.

Some buyers purchase aluminum products to save money. Unfortunately, this is also not the best option for our climate: aluminum conducts heat and cold, is corrosive and is prone to condensation.


If you are looking for reliable, strong, and durable windows, opt for the models with thick and heavy frames.


Ideally, the corners should be welded by traditional welding. It gives the most hermetic connection, which looks aesthetically attractive, and also does not leak after a while (as can happen if the corners are welded with chemicals, or fixed with screws or brackets).

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows

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To make your home warm and cozy, choose window designs with the Energy Star label. This logo indicates that your chosen product is in line with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations on energy efficiency.


Choose window systems with double or triple glazing: they are more hermetic. For additional energy saving, the space between the glass should be filled with an inert gas.

In addition, you can apply a low-emission Low-E coating to the glass. It helps to regulate the amount of heat entering the dwelling. This will make the temperature inside the house even more comfortable. And the Low-E coating protects your furniture and art from UV rays.

Average Window Installation Cost in Concord

The final price of your project can be affected by:

Window size

The larger your window opening, the more you will pay for the products.


Different window models cost differently. The cheapest are fixed casement, single hung and single slider. Their starting price is $220. A little more expensive are casement windows: the basic model costs $250.

For awning windows you have to pay at least $270. The most expensive are bay and now models: $1500.


installation process - vinyl windows

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The above-mentioned cost of different window models does not include the installation price. The installation of simple models such as casement, awning single or double slider or double hung, costs $160 and more.

In turn, installation of the bay windows will be much more expensive: $1000-$1200 for modernization and $1500-2500 for a new building. Now you know everything about how to choose quality windows in Concord and how much they cost.

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When it comes time to change your windows, you should also consider changing interior and exterior doors to aid in preserving energy and lowering bills.