How To Choose The Right Material For Your Interior And Exterior Doors

A place where we feel safe, relaxed and where we spend most of our free time with our family is home. As such, we are regularly adapting it, making everything more convenient, likable, and by our taste. If you don’t agree with this statement, just think about how many new things or do-overs you did in the past couple of months, and you will realize how much home means to us.

When it comes to some of the essential and fundamental things of our homes, doors are an aspect of it that we rarely think about that much, but truth be told, making sure that we choose the best possible door and entrance anchor will help us out a lot. Naturally, the most important decision we have to make when choosing a door for our house is the material, and since there are so many opportunities to choose from, picking the right one can be challenging. So if you are wondering what the best material to get is, you are not the only one. There is a multitude of choices to pick from, and in the end, making that decision might come down to what you like and desire.

Of course, some materials are clearly superior to others, which is why one can notice them almost everywhere. Yes, we are talking about fiberglass, glass, steel, and most importantly, wood. So once you have decided on what material and door is a perfect fit for you, check out Puertas EUROBLOCK. They have a vast assortment of choices available, and for those who want to find out more about how various materials bring different benefits, we shall do our best to assist you.

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1. Fiberglass


Many say that fiberglass is aesthetically very similar to wood, but one of the advantages that come with fiberglass is for sure a much higher endurance. They come in all possible colors, so there is no problem here, and no matter the color of your house, they can fit perfectly into the whole ambient. One disadvantage of fiberglass doors people often notice is, for example, that they are a bit more expensive than wooden ones.

But, there is a reason for that, and if someone chooses to go with fiberglass doors, they can be sure that the doors will last for much longer as they are more durable, and they are a better choice when it comes to reducing energy consumption. Because of the price and energy aspects, it’s no wonder why so many experts in this field recommend using fiberglass doors, but for exterior entrance only, as you do not need them inside as well. It can be a perfect mix in both the price and the aesthetics.

2. Glass


Those considering glass doors should know that there is one primary benefit and one characteristic that could be a flaw, depending on how you look at things. The main reason why someone would get a glass door is natural light and how efficient glass is in letting it inside our home. But since we can see through a glass, that means that you can look freely upon the yard, but, on the other side, your neighbors might potentially peek inside your house as well. That means that this is up to our personal preference and house and yard layout. For some, this is an option for exterior doors too, but for others, they only consider using it for interior ones. It would be a good idea to go with glass doors if they would be near windows since that would increase the natural light, and depending on the interior design of a house, it could really make it look pretty stylish.

3. Steel


People that choose steel for their material have one thing in mind, and that’s safety. No other door will provide as much security to our home from intruders as this one. But, they also have one major flaw Even though this rarely happens, if a steel door gets damaged, repairs will be nearly impossible to cover, or it would be much cheaper and easier to replace them with the new one. Naturally, steel doors are usually for the exterior only and are rarely needed inside the house unless you want to install a safe room. Other than that, there really is no need to pay so much for doors as there are much better and more stylish options, take wood doors, for example.

4. Wood


Wood has many preferences, and just this fact is enough reason why wood is the most common and most preferable material for so many people, especially for their front entrances. The only thing to worry about if you choose wood as the material for your front door is to pick the right type to fit perfectly to the general style of your home outer surfaces. It’s needless to say how much of a big first impression front doors leave to someone approaching the house, and what better way to express the warmth of some residence other than wood. The extra benefit is surely the price, as one may not need to pay as much as for some other materials.

Of course, if you want custom-made or doors of a specific shape and size, that will cost more. One thing that many people would first mention as a flaw is safety, but in these modern times, there is no need to worry about that, and since everything advanced so much, today, any difficulty that was maybe an issue in the past is no longer a problem. The only thing to do if you choose to go with wooden front doors is to ask professionals for and advice and to do some research about the preferable thickness of the door, hinges, and lockset before making any decision.

As for interior design, there is really nothing that can compare to the style that wooden doors bring to any residence. Personalization of interior design is a trend that will not pass any time soon, and since that’s the case, and since there are so many types of wood to choose from, there is no better way to express yourself than with wooden doors.