Keep your Wedding Memories preserved with Wedding Videography

Hiring someone to capture the actual event of your special day can be a beautiful way to keep your memories of that day safe. There is nothing better than watching your wedding day movie years from the event and relive the moments and excitement that you felt during that day. Seeing the faces of your family members and loved ones captured at an event that you all attended together is priceless, especially if someone is no longer with you. Your wedding day film will help you keep your memories of that special day and you will most certainly enjoy watching it with your children one day.

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What and how the videographer films everything will influence the memories in the future

In this article, you will be able to read about the three common approaches of wedding videography which will be determined by the person recording the video. Understanding these different approaches will help you choose the right person for the job, but it will also choose the type of wedding cinematography that you will want to have. So, if you are giving one person the job to record your wedding day, you should also know what style do they prefer, and how much they cost.

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The Documentary Approach

This particular style will focus on keeping a record of what your wedding day actually looked like. Often, they are the most affordable option for couples who want to have a video of their special day. Basically, it is a recording of the day as it happened. Usually, the priority is given to substance over style, hence, this means that you will get a full video of everything that happened during that day. However, less focus is provided to make everything that happened look wonderful on camera. The final version of the recording is usually set to a wide range of songs and the order of the events will be shown chronologically, as they happened.

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The Cinematic approach

Due to all the advancements in camera technology, wedding videographers can now capture the moments in a very cinematic style. The focus is usually on making everything look perfect on the recording and the people or person recording the video will consider the lens choice, light, and camera movement in order to make the final film have a high production value and to be polished. These are typically shorter than the first style on this list and it actually allows the videographer to be more focused and creative on capturing the most important parts of the event. These films are not usually edited in a chronological way and this will make the video less predictable and more enjoyable to watch.

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The Storytelling Approach

This style will put the story first. Although the final product might look cinematic, people recording in this style are more focused on the who, rather than what during the event. Instead of recording how the wedding looked like, the main effort is to capture who you actually are as a couple. This approach makes sure that the wedding movie is unique and personal to each couple that is getting married. According to, the emphasis is mainly on effect over effect and the goal is to affect you and your spouse in a special way. Focusing on the effect actually gives the video more meaning and depth.

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These are the three, most common recording styles that you will have the chance to see while searching for the perfect wedding videographer that will help you remember this special day forever.