8 Things You Need to Know When Buying Deck Ovens

The versatile deck ovens are used for baking anything in bulk, like pizzas. You may need it in a restaurant or for any food delivery business. Whenever any customer comes to your restaurant, he orders food and expects to be served within 15 to 20 minutes. You have to take care of other customers as well. Therefore, you can prepare different orders within a single oven in less time. It helps in increasing the service speed and cooking delicious food.

You can find different types of deck ovens in the market, but you have to choose the one that meets your requirements. Visit fbmbakingmachines.com to know more about this appliance and how it can be helpful for your business. In the following write-up, we will discuss various things that you must know while buying deck ovens. Take care of these points and invest your money in the perfect appliance for your restaurant kitchen.

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1. Electric or Gas Deck Ovens

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You can find several manufacturers who can provide two types of deck ovens. It can be operated either by electricity or by gas. Both can bake different items efficiently. But due to some reasons, people have distinct preferences.

The significant difference between these two options is the maximum temperature on which they can operate. You have to choose the one that looks convenient to you. In every model, it is mentioned that you can bake or stack three or more pizzas at a time. Make sure that check all the specifications before finalizing any device.

2. Kitchen Space

You have to check the kitchen space where you will keep the oven. You need to measure the dimensions of the kitchen space and compare it with the device you need it. In some models, you can get an appliance in different sizes. If your kitchen is small, then you can buy the small ones.

You need extra space to open the oven and cook food inside it. There should be some space on the backside to release excess heat. In some models, there is a feature of remote start through which you can put the oven on fire and make it warm enough before you keep the bread.

3. Check the Control Panel

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Before buying any deck oven for your restaurant, check the control panel of the device. In this way, you can check the number of features you are getting with it. You can check the switch, temperature control panel, open and close, warming up option, and much more. The buttons on the control panel can be of two types.

It can look like the traditional ones, in which you have to press them to use the device. The control panel can also have touchscreen, remote or other latest technology, through which you can control the device features.

4. Bake Less or More Food at a Time

You have to check how many food items you need to bake at a time. A small oven can bake only one pizza at a time, but a deck oven can bake more. Now, you have plenty of sizes available in the deck ones. You have to decide how many pizzas you need to bake together.

In a busy restaurant, you may need a massive and efficient oven to bake more items in less time. In this way, you can serve more customers in less time and make more profit. But in the beginning, you have to invest more money on the big-sized device with less baking time.

5. Check Your Budget

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When it comes to deck ovens, these are the expensive ones. You must have enough budget to buy them. You cannot run your restaurant by operating a small and traditional device. When you need to bake more pizzas simultaneously in less time, the deck ovens are considered the best ones.

Check your budget before you purchase any device. If you are ordering online, you have to spend extra money on shipping, installation, etc. Make sure that the oven should be budget-friendly. You can also finance your appliance by buying it in several installments.

6. Consider Items Need to Be Baked

Before purchasing the deck oven, you should know what types of food items you need to bake in it. It will be easy for you to judge the temperature settings on the control panel. Some pizzas take time, and you cannot let your customers wait too long.

Therefore, you have to make things convenient for you as well as your customers. If the cooking time is high, you can prefer the large one to bake more than two pizzas at a time.

7. Check the Warranty

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Whenever we buy any appliance, we should check the warranty to ensure that it can be repaired within a specific time. You cannot rely on the manufacturer and its product if you do not get the warranty.

Look for the devices which are available with at least two years of warranty. If suddenly, the deck oven does not work, you can call the company and ask for the repairs for free.

8. Contact Technical Team for Installation Process

It is hard to install a new device in your restaurant kitchen. You will get a manual, but you may need help to assemble the massive oven. Therefore, you must check whether you can contact the technical team of the company.

Ask for installation help at your place. They will come to your restaurant and install the device as required. In this way, there will be no damage happen to the device by you.

The Bottom Line

Before buying a deck oven for your restaurant, make sure that you know all the mentioned things. It is an expensive appliance, and you will be making a one-time investment. Therefore, you must spend money on the perfect device and get free repairs or maintenance for a few years. You must contact the customer service team of the company and get all the information about the product.