How to Apply a Lash Growth Serum If You Have Sensitive Eyes and Lids

Eyelash growth serums help lengthen and strengthen lashes, but they can also sometimes have unwanted side effects on skin and eyes that are already sensitive. Without applying mascara or eyelash extensions, eyelash serum may make your natural lashes seem lovely and lush instead of short and thin.

If you want the best results from your eyelash serums, you must learn a few basic application methods that are very essential. So let’s go through some basic instructions for using eyelash serum. Many women don’t properly read the instructions or contact experts before using cosmetic products. Eyelash growth serums need special handling since they are not your regular mascaras.

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1. After applying the serum to dry lashes, wait a few minutes for it to take effect


Houshmand suggests waiting a few minutes after washing your face to make sure all the hairs are dry before you swipe on the product since any moisture on your lashes may allow the serum to seep into your eyes. Give the serum, if you use it twice a day, a full five minutes to dry in the morning before applying eye makeup. Otherwise, a potent mixture of serum and cosmetics may accidentally go in your eyes.

2. Avoid using too much serum on the applicator brush

Globbing on additional products won’t improve your outcomes since the lash roots can only absorb so much of it. All that will do is increase your risk of skin sensitivity by spreading the serum beyond your lash line. Apply the serum in a single, thin application directly at the lash roots after wiping the brush along the inner edge of the tube’s opening as you take it out to clear up any surplus that might leak. Use a second, very thin coating to cover any areas you may have missed.

3. Avoid applying the serum along the skin near to your lash line; instead, brush it towards the roots of your lashes

It serves no use to apply serum to the surface of the eyelids rather than the lash roots. Additionally, it may cause contact dermatitis, a rash or allergic skin response. To apply makeup correctly, a magnifying mirror is advised. Close your eyelids, then place the brush tip just at the base of your lashes. Working from the inner corner of your lid, sweep the brush outward toward the outside corner of your lid. Additionally, avoid using lash serum on your bottom lashes as this might obstruct tear ducts and cause severe eye irritation.

4. Consider using a milder formula

Prostaglandin analogues or their derivatives, such as cloprostenate, are included in a large number of over-the-counter lash growth serums as well as prescription Latisse. Change to a lash serum with alternative boosting elements since these actives help to densify and darken lashes but they might irritate delicate eyes. Peptide, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, and castor oil-containing formulas will still aid in the development and nourishing of lashes. With time-release technology, WooLash delivers peptides and other active ingredients, as well as skin soothers like aloe vera, slowly and softly to the lash roots. This product is particularly made for easily irritated eyes.

How does WooLash serum help reverse the damage?


Hyaluronic acid, panthenol, biotin (vitamin B7), pumpkin seed extract, peptides, and castor oil are often included in WooLash growth serums. These ingredients may nourish and hydrate the lashes, preventing breakage and promoting hair development. The telogen, or resting, stage of your eyelashes’ development cycle is prolonged with WooLash eyelash serum. Although everyone may benefit from utilizing a lash serum, we believe those with frail, short, or brittle natural lashes would benefit the most. Furthermore, WooLash serum should be used by anybody who has had breakage or early lash loss. Serums may also be helpful for those who have noticed that their natural lashes have become weaker or more sensitive with time.

How should You use WooLash for the greatest effects?

You should take off your contact lenses before using the serum to prevent contact with them. You may modify them after applying them for 10 to 15 minutes. To begin, do your regular skincare regimen. To remove any debris, oil, or makeup off your face, use a cleanser. Makeup removal is required since if your skin is dirty, the WooLash serum won’t adhere to your lash line. Eyelash serum usually comes with an application brush or spoolie, similar to a mascara wand. A cotton swab may also be used to apply the WooLash serum.

If using a brush applicator, apply the WooLash serum to the top lash line at the root of your eyelashes, moving from the inner to the outside corner of your eyes. Apply the serum on your eyelashes like mascara if you’re using a spoolie. go to the opposite eye. Wipe away any extra serum from the corner of your eye to prevent discomfort and the possibility of hair growth elsewhere. After washing, replace the applicator tip in the serum tube. If you’re using a prescription prostaglandin serum, discard the applicator after each use to avoid irritation or infection.

Is WooLash serum compatible with eyelash extensions?


WooLash serum is compatible with lash extensions. Choose an oil-free lash serum, however, since oils might break down the adhesive in your lash extensions, causing them to come out too soon. When you take a vacation from extensions, WooLash serum may help you preserve the condition of your natural lashes, as per WooLash reviews.

Tips For Applying Eyelash Serum

When applying the eyelash serum, adhere to the instructions. Your eyelashes won’t grow faster if you apply more serum. Use the eyelash serum once or twice a day in a single layer, as directed on the package.

Avoid touching the lash line. Eyelash serum should only be used on the top lash line. If you apply the lotion to your lower lash line, it may clog ducts, get in your eyes, or irritate you.

Give the serum time to dry. Allow the eyelash serum to dry for five minutes if you use it in the morning before applying any makeup. Eye makeup, and eyeliner in particular, won’t adhere to your lash line if it’s moist.

Use as needed to see results. Eyelash serums don’t immediately begin to function. It might take weeks or even months to see results.