10 Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard More Fun for Kids – 2024 Guide

Not every kid wants to help the parents with their backyard job, but it can easily be turned to something fun and entertaining, and even educational for them. You only need to choose the proper activities that will make them interested in the yard more than they’ve been before.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, many families need to spend a lot of time together at home. That also requires a lot of creative activities that can be done together with the kids, so they won’t get bored. If you have a backyard, you are one lucky family, because those who live in flats and apartments don’t have the free space you have. Use that to fill up your spare time with a lot of fun activities.

This guide will help you adapt to the current situation and get the best of your yard:

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1. Turn it into a small playground


With a small money investment and a lot of DIY projects, every backyard can be a special playing place for your children. Turn one part into a sand ground, and give them the beach supplies, since it’s possible that this year you won’t be able to have a proper vacation. You can also install swings and slides and improvise a real playground. You and your spouse should watch them all the time, so they won’t get hurt during the play. Visit theconsumer.guide to find a lot of suitable ideas for your next family project.

2. Include them in the gardening activities


Let your kids choose the stone for the pathways, and to decide which flowers you will grow in your yard. If you have a small home garden you can ask them to help you with watering down the plants and picking them up when everything is ready. Your garden offers you plenty of entertaining and educational activities.

3. Cook together with them

It’s lunchtime! Include them in the food preparing and ask them to help you put the table. If you cook outside, your children can take an important role in the process. Ask them to bring the ingredients to you, even you can motivate them by asking who will reach you first.

4. Set a camping tent


Why stay inside, if you can use the backyard as a camping site. Set the tent and put a lot of blankets and pillows inside. You will create a special and relaxing place for all of you. Your kids will remember that forever and they will never forget how much fun they had with their parents during the coronavirus pandemic in 2024.

5. Small DIY projects


Plant flowers, install palette benches, and paint the fence. Reuse old materials to make something new. Let them help you with all of the DIY activities that come to your mind. Increase their outside time and they will be happy and thankful all the time. Create a cozy area in your yard and decorate following their wishes and ideas.

6. Install a backyard pool


If you miss the regular summer, you can always install a home pool and fill it up with water. Some of these pools are big enough to have space for all of the family members. Water games can make your kids smile during
the whole day and sleep better at night.

7. Prepare a fancy dinner


Put lights and candles around the table and make them imagine that they have a fancy dinner in some luxurious resort. They need to use their imagination and that will keep them entertained during the whole evening until they get to sleep. We can assure you that you can even make them eat healthy food they usually avoid if you create a better atmosphere. Another day, you can challenge them to prepare dinner for you and your spouse. You will be surprised how creative they can be if you let them do that.

8. Watch a movie in your outdoor cinema

Let your kids choose a movie and watch it together with them, in your tent. You can watch a few movies until they are tired enough, so they can sleep. And, why not sleeping together in the tent for the whole night? You will help them make lovely memories, even the whole situation in the world is not that bright at this moment.

9. Put a mud kitchen in the yard

Kids want to play with sand and mud. Allow them to “cook” food with it. That activity has a lot of cognitive benefits because it increases their general creativity. Don’t be afraid of the dirt. They will have a bath later. Use old plates and dishes and let them make a little mess in your backyard. They can enjoy this activity by mixing different types of mud and soil and decorate them with stones and plants.

10. Build a treehouse

This is a big project that will take a lot of time and effort, but the result is a great and private place that can be used by every family member. The treehouse is a classic and funny activity, and it will motivate the kids to spend a lot of time outside their rooms, away from the computer and smartphones.

It seems like this pandemic helped us to realize how important is the quality family time. We learned how to appreciate our freedom and our general health situation too. After the crisis, the world will be changed. Take care of yourself and your family and use this time to have fun with them. We can only hope that this situation won’t last too long.

Our 2024 backyard activities guide will help you find the best way to keep your children entertained until the pandemic ends, using the space and supplies you already have at home. You can find a lot of great ideas that are interesting for the whole family. In the end, you don’t need to come out from the quarantine traumatized for a lifetime.