7 Tips for Making Your English Pronunciation Better

Mastering all the secrets about each language is something much harder than you would think. It doesn’t matter what language you have decided to learn, you would need to invest countless hours and hard work before you can say you are on a level that helps you understand the language completely. Depending on your native language, some others can be either harder or easier to understand.

Without any doubt, English is the most widely-spoken language out there. If you take a look at some statistics, you will see that almost a billion people know at least the basic level. However, knowing how to speak English Like Native language is something entirely different. For that reason, we would like to provide you with a couple of tips that can make your English pronunciation much better.

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1. Listen to Yourself Speak

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The first thing we would like to point out is that you would need to listen to yourself speak. Naturally, you have listened to some other people out there who speak English. Therefore, you know how some of the words should be pronounced. But you will not have enough knowledge about all of them, especially if you are not on the highest level of knowledge.

For that reason, we feel that listening to yourself speaking is one of the most efficient ways you can improve your pronunciation. That way, you will know where you made some mistakes, and what are the best ways to overcome them. Maybe you can record yourself, and play it backward. Without any doubt, this is the best way you can spot these mistakes and correct them.

2. Listen to Podcasts and Shows

Unless you were absent from human civilization for the last two decades, you have certainly heard about YouTube, the most popular streaming service these days. Sure, it is helpful to listen to the videos and clips where someone who has enough experience with this language. But that doesn’t mean that this is the only sort you should opt for. Thankfully, there are a lot more of these opportunities.

For instance, you can take a look at numerous podcasts and shows out there. Listening to them carefully can help you have a much better understanding of how people spoke informal English. Naturally, both formal and informal sorts of this language are crucial for complete understanding. For that reason, we believe you will find both of these as a great chance to learn much more than without them.

3. Shadowing Technique

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Think about the time when you were young. You probably did your best to copy the words that were spoken by your closest siblings. You will agree with the fact that this was sometimes annoying for your siblings. Today, we can see that there is a technique that mimics this concept. It is called “shadowing”. It consists of listening to whatever content and repeating these words.

When you have a chance to listen to perfect English, you will have a chance to repeat them until you’ve perfected them. While some would say that this copying wouldn’t be as effective, we don’t believe this to be a fact. There are a lot of examples out there that can prove this shadowing technique to be easily among the most effective ones out there. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to use it.

4. Sound It Out

If you know even the most basic things about words, you know that they are made out of syllables and sounds. Talking about how many of them are within one word is not something that we would describe as an easy thing to do. However, when you finally get a grasp of how this is done, you will see that this is not something that will give you a lot of headaches down the road.

You can do that by carefully hearing how these words sound when you speak them. Furthermore, breaking down all the words into a couple of syllables will provide you with a chance to understand all of these who make a word what it is. By breaking the word into these, you can understand it much better, by speaking it through syllables.

5. Observe Lips Movement

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When we talk, the movement of our lips affects the way the words come out of our mouths. With that in mind, we need to pay close attention to the movement of our lips. Naturally, this can be done by standing in the mirror and observing how your lips are moving whenever you say something.

Among the most efficient ways, you can do that is using your finger. Yes, you have heard that right. Put a finger on your mouth, and see how your finger moves when you talk. However, when you start using this technique, you will see just how effective it is.

6. Visualization

Many people tend to overlook the importance of visualization when learning a new language. But this is not the only value it can provide you with. At the same time, it can be equally effective when you’re about to improve your pronunciation. Before you say a word, try to visualize how it should sound.

7. Talk With Natives

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Last but not least, we cannot stress how crucial it is to speak to natives when you’re learning the language. That way, you can practice what you have already learned and correct even the smallest mistakes.

Thankfully, there are a lot of online services that will provide you with a chance to do so. Sometimes, you can participate in these seances for free. If you come across these, don’t hesitate to make the most out of them. You can be sure that coming across these is not as hard as many believe it is.

In Conclusion

Pronunciation is a key factor in having a proper understanding of any language out there. So, learning pronunciation important for English words is an important thing to do. Here, you can take a look at a couple of tips that can help you make this part much efficient.