5 Ways Mobile Networks Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

How happy are your customers? This question is important in any type and size of business because the quality and level of happiness measure customer satisfaction. In fact, successful companies are known for their excellent customer service.

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What Is Customer Satisfaction?

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) defines customer satisfaction as a measurement that determines how satisfied or happy customers are with the services, products, and capabilities. Customer satisfaction is a big deal in the industry because low ratings equate to low demand and sales. A company can use customer satisfaction information, ratings, and surveys to change or improve its products and services.

But how does customer satisfaction apply to mobile networks? Telecommunications or mobile networks consider buyer satisfaction as a key metric when measuring the success of their products, services, and marketing campaigns.

Benefits Of Mobile Networks On Customer Satisfaction

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Learn about the different ways mobile networks or telecommunications companies can increase customer satisfaction below.

⁌ Strengthening Mobile Security ⁍

Mobile security matters to mobile networks and any other business. According to Syniverse or other reputable companies, it’s crucial to strengthen mobile security by deploying a mobile network operator or MNO solutions from a well-established firm because cybersecurity threat continues to grow.

New cloud and Internet of Things or IoT technologies introduce increased mobile security vulnerabilities. It’s vital to protect mobile networks using effective solutions to gain visibility and control and proactively respond to attacks. This way, mobile networks can secure their buyers and their business.

MNO solutions can empower telecommunications companies to provide mobile security, driving the best customer experience. As a result, securely mobile networks can safely expand the reach of their products, services, and subscribers.

⁌ Delivering Prompt Customer Response Time ⁍

One great way to improve customer satisfaction is delivering prompt response time or responding to customers’ questions and concerns as soon as possible. Delayed response time equates to declining customer satisfaction levels. The longer buyers get an answer or resolution, the more they become frustrated and unhappy with long-lasting, negative impressions and impacts.

Check out the different ways successful mobile networks do to increase buyer response time and overall satisfaction:

⁌ Deploying Human Customer Service Agents ⁍

While interactive voice recording (IVR) is helpful, many buyers call because they want to speak with a live person and not a robot. More often than not, long automated recordings can even make matters worse, frustrating buyers further. Therefore, allow your buyers to reach you easily by deploying human customer service representatives.

⁌ Providing Automated Messages ⁍

Successful telecommunications networks invest in automation, such as autoresponders, automatic voice prompts, and chatbots, to provide automated messages or prepared answers to buyers at each point of contact. The automated message applies to phone calls, emails, chats, and contact forms.

A good example of an automated message is, ‘Thank you for your inquiry. We’ll get back with an answer within 24 hours.’ Another example is, ‘A trouble ticket has been created with a reference number 12345. We’ll keep you updated within 48 hours.’

⁌ Offering Flexible Mobile Plans ⁍

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The call, text, and data needs of consumers can change rapidly. Mobile networks should offer flexible call and text plus data plans to accommodate every buyer’s needs, preferences, and budget.

More consumers will find your products more enticing if you come up with flexible mobile and data plans. They’ll consider your company as a one-stop shop for everything they need. So, why not present month-to-month and contract plans, as well as prepaid and post-paid plans?

Provide flexible mobile plans at reasonable prices. By doing so, students, young professionals, and older adults with very tight budgets can afford your products and services. It’s also a good idea to offer family or group plans, such as data plans shareable by several members.

⁌ Holding Special Offers Or Promotions ⁍

Consumers love special offers or promotions. Offering discounts and freebies once in a while is one way to show how much you appreciate your buyers. With discounts and freebies, you give back to your loyal customers and welcome new customers warmly.

You can even take advantage of the peak season to attract more buyers by adding discounted rates to your regular mobile plans for new and loyal customers. For instance, limited-time offers can entice potential customers to sign up immediately and existing buyers to agree to extend their contract.

You can hold special offers and promotions on your company anniversary month, holidays, or new product launch too. Participate in and sponsor charity works, concerts, and community events and give away branded merchandise, like custom T-shirts, mugs, or lanyards, to promote your brand and engage with your buyers.

⁌ Improving Your Products And Services ⁍

How’s the mobile or data connectivity of your buyers? Do you receive complaints about signal issues or inaudible phone conversations because of this problem? Do your customers complain about sluggish data? All these questions can affect customer satisfaction.

Buyers expect to get what they pay for and what your ads promise them. Thus, you need to meet those expectations or even exceed them if you can to keep your customers’ trust and loyalty. If you do, you’ll be able to enhance customer satisfaction.

Here are some ways to improve your mobile network’s products and services:

⁌ Invest In Advanced Technologies ⁍

Invest in more advanced tools, equipment, and technologies. Study the top telecommunications trends and determine how they can improve your products and services.

⁌ Resolve Customer Complains Promptly ⁍

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Mobile networks or telecommunications companies should never ignore customer complaints. If you receive mobile network service complaints, verify the issue and send your technical and customer service teams to address the problem.

⁌ Partner Or Collaborate With Other Companies ⁍

Partnering or merging with other companies can be an effective way to provide better products and services to your buyers. For instance, if your mobile network signal isn’t good in a rural area, you might want to work with a local cable company to use their existing infrastructure for providing clearer mobile reception to your buyers.


While buyers have different satisfaction parameters, mobile networks or telecommunications companies share a common ground to measure and provide excellent products and services to increase customer satisfaction. If your mobile network needs to revamp its customer satisfaction ratings, apply the tips above, and you’ll gain positive rewards for your company and give a better customer experience.