Top 5 New Email Scams

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Qatar Airways Email Scam

One of the best and most famous airways companies in the world and their customers were subject to an email scam. The fraud message would offer free tickets to everyone in their family, as a gift for their 25th anniversary in the business. Of course, something like this would never happen. Qatar Airways handled it well and issued a statement saying the messages were fake. The customers who fell for it had to complete numerous surveys and share the message with 15 friends via WhatsApp. More information about this scam can be found here.

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Nigerian Scam

This weird scam is an email from a Nigerian family member, where the individual desperately asks for a rather large sum of money away from their country. The most common example is an African woman whose husband passes, and she now wishes to leave $1 million of his wealth to a church. Another name for the scam is 4-1-9, the section Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with frauds. The scammer promises substantial payments for petty tasks that require no skill. Although it sounds completely made-up, many fell for it. If you get a mail like this, delete it immediately.

Disaster Relief Scam

Heartless and devious people choose whatever is in their reach to scam good people who offer help. With these scams, people receive fake emails that ask for help in the form of donations, for various disaster relieves around the world. Of course, they ask you for your personal, bank, and credit card information. In addition, if you do send some money to them, the poor people will never see it as it was not them who asked for it. If you really wish to help, contact real organizations that deal with relief programs.

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Name List Money Scam

This is a pyramid scheme fraud, where you get a list of people out of which you should send around $5 by mail to the one on top. Then, you add your name at the end of the list and forward the email to numerous friends and family. However, the scammers behind this always keep their names on top, meaning you will never see any money coming your way.

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Employment Scam

Naturally, you would only post your CV on a real site of the employer. However, scammers are able to gain this info and send you a fraud email. In this one, you will be offered to become a financial representative of a company overseas, which is, of course, hiding behind a fake name. They want you to transfer money as they have some issues with it. You are paid a certain percentage of every transaction you make. For this, you must prove your bank information and personal data. Remember never to give anyone these unless it is a trusty and known firm.

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