7 Advantages of Using Parental Control Apps

We live in an era of technological innovations, which is one of the reasons why more and more children start using computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones from an early age. Most commonly, children use it for watching cartoons or playing silly games, but, what happens when your kid matures enough for using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram?

Well, when this happens, most parents start feeling quite worried. If you found yourself in this situation, fear not, this article has got your back. The text below is going to feature a list of 10 advantages that you can gain from using a parental control application. Let’s take a closer look:

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You Can Block Inappropriate Content


If you choose the right app, you’ll have the ability to see what your kid does online, and since it is in real-time, you can also choose to block inappropriate content. What does this mean? Well, you can take away their ability to access a particular website such as one the has pictures relating to violence.

And, when you choose to do it with an app, you can block any content that you feel is not good for your kids. If you choose to do this, you’ll basically be protecting your kid from the things you do not want them to know about yet. Some of the programs you can opt for even allow you to block specific segments of a site.

You Can Block Applications

As mentioned in the previous point, you’ll be able to block websites, however, you can also take away their ability to access a particular app on their phones. This is significantly useful if you do not want your kid to spend time on a specific app. Additionally, you can opt for blocking all the apps for a few hours during the day if you want him or her to do their chores and simply rest from using technology.

You Can Monitor The Messages


One of the easiest and best ways to see whom your kid is talking to, as well as whether or not they are having inappropriate conversations with someone is to monitor the messages your kids receive on various messaging apps. However, you should know that not all monitoring apps offer these services.

For instance, there are some that might offer you the chance to monitor and see what and to whom your kid is talking to, but some others that you might come across do not offer this feature. If you want to see what features you could opt for, as well as how you can install a monitoring app on your device, check this out.

You’ll Always Know Where They Are


When you are a parent, one of the most crucial things you worry about is probably the safety of your child or children. And, if you are constantly worried about this, you can use a parental control app that will allow you to know their locations at all times. For example, if your kid does not send you a message that they have arrived home from school, you can utilize the app to find out where they are.

Additionally, if your kids get lost if they found themselves in a dangerous or emergency situation, you’ll be able to instruct them on what they can do or how to find their way back home. Hence, you’ll finally be able to know exactly where your children are when you start worrying.

Setting a Time Limit on How Long They Can Use The Internet


One of the things that all parents battle with is how to get their kids to use their time efficiently and for different things instead of sitting on their phones and computers all day long. This is why you can choose to limit how much time they’ll spend on the Internet or playing game.

Doing this will not only result in less screen time but, it will also prevent your kid from becoming addicted to smartphone games, as well as using the Internet all the time. You can also make a deal with them to set a timer in order for them to finish their chores homework, and simply enjoy the vast outdoors.

You Won’t Need to Worry About Cyber Bullies

Sadly, cyberbullying and bullies are a big problem for a lot of families worldwide. Although traditional bullying is still present, the introduction of smartphones also created a place for cyberbullies. And, kids are, perhaps, the most vulnerable group out there. But, since you’ll be able to know whether or not your kids are being bullied by someone, you can also help them battle it instead of them keeping everything to themselves.

It Can Improve Your Relationship With Them


Although it might sound weird, it is completely true – utilizing a monitoring app can actually help you build and improve the relationship you have with your kids. How you might be wondering? Well, you’ll need to be honest. It might be best to tell your child that you are using a parental control app. Why should you do this?

Well, the answer is quite simple – they can show you that they can be responsible, as well as that they can successfully follow all the rules and guidelines you and your spouse set. Additionally, by explaining everything to them, your kids will comprehend that you have their best interest in mind and that you want to be able to protect them. If not, your kid might be upset if they found out you were using it without them knowing.


As you were able to read, there is a wide range of advantages that you can gain if you choose to use a parental control application on your child’s phone or computer. However, there is one thing that is worth mentioning as we are finishing this article – know when you should stop. When your child mature enough, you should decide to stop using the app, especially since they will appreciate you valuing their privacy.

So, now that you know all the benefits you can gain from using a parental control app, you should really not waste any more of your time. Instead, you should sit down with your spouse and try figuring out whether or not it is wise and needed for you to use this monitoring application.