Take Pleasure Into Your Own Hands: 7 Products to Try in the New Year

We’ve decided that 2024 is the year of taking things into our own hands. The new year will have us all reevaluating our goals and making plans to improve our lives; this will usually include things like cooking at home more or creating a better exercise routine. But this year, we’re focused on something a little bit more fun.

This year’s New Year’s resolution is to improve our sex lives! 2024 is the year that we take our pleasure into our own hands. Come on this journey with us by trying out these fun and innovative products in 2024.

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1. CBD Lube

Source: cbdbibleuk.co.uk

CBD products have been on the rise for years. You’ve probably seen CBD oils, lotions, and edibles, but have you seen CBD lube? This natural lube is made of just two clean ingredients. Containing nothing more than a broad-spectrum CBD and organic coconut oil, this product provides natural lubrication along with a myriad of other fun and exciting benefits.

CBD-based lubes can help to ease discomfort, enhance arousal, and assist with easier penetration. It also won’t feel as sticky or messy as traditional lubricants. If you are looking to try something different in the bedroom, a CBD lube is a great option for partner or solo play.

2. Flavored Lube

While you may not have heard of CBD lube, you have most likely heard of flavored lube. If you are looking to spice things up with your partner, surprise them with a fun and fruity-flavored lube. The formulas of these products have greatly improved over time and taste better than ever. If you feel like you and your partner need to try something new to spice things up, flavored lube is a great way to start.

3. Wand Vibrator

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Many women struggle to orgasm through traditional penetration. In fact, most women can only achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. This is where the wand vibrator comes in. Wand vibrators are some of the strongest vibrators on the market.

They’re incredibly powerful and can provide you with intense orgasms. While they are obviously great for solo play, they are also fantastic to use with a partner. Use it during sex on yourself or hand it over to your partner and let them control your pleasure. If you don’t orgasm through penetrative sex, you need to try out the wand in the new year.

4. Rabbit Ring

Source: oliviagrey.co.za

Another great product for those who don’t orgasm through penetration is the rabbit ring. Similar to a traditional cock ring, the rabbit ring is designed with a set of rabbit ears that are positioned at just the right angle to hit the clitoris. This is perfect for a more hands-off orgasm as you won’t have to control it like you would with the wand vibrator.

5. Clitoral Stimulator

For those who cannot get enough clitoral stimulation, a clitoral stimulator is the answer to your prayers. This vibrator provides more targeted pleasure than a traditional vibrator as it is designed to surround the clitoris with vibration. Most of them have several different settings and vibration patterns for any level of sensitivity.

While you can use these with a partner, we recommend them for solo play as they need to be held in precisely the right spot for maximum effect.

6. Skyn Condoms

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If condoms are your preferred method of birth control, or if you have multiple partners, then you have to try Skyn Condoms. As the name suggests, they are made to mimic the feeling of skin. These condoms feel like they are barely there while still being effective at reducing the risk of pregnancy or STDs.

They are free from natural rubber proteins, making them a suitable option for people with a known or suspected latex allergy. They also come coated with an ultra-smooth lubricant for an enjoyable experience. If you haven’t had a good experience with condoms in the past, give Skyn a try.

7. Sex Dice

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If you and your partner need some help getting creative in the bedroom, a set of sex dice are just what you need. Traditionally, one of the dice will have body parts, and the other dice will have an action to perform. Just roll the dice, and you are on your way to a fun night.

A Pleasurable New Year

Don’t spend the new year in a rut. Try out some of these awesome products to help increase the amount of pleasure you get in the bedroom. Whether you are engaging in partner or solo play, we all deserve to feel great. So take pleasure into your own hands and spice things up in 2024.