Pool Installation: How To Choose The Right One For Your Home

If you are one of those people who have always wanted to enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation and rest in your house, the swimming pool is probably a perfect resolution and the fulfillment of all your desires. Your house must represent the world that is only yours, to which you can always escape under the pressure of daily obligations and stress.

Water gives a soothing feeling to most people, so its existence in the space makes it look more comfortable and brings a touch of nature to our home. It’s true that installing a swimming pool either in the interior or outside of a home is not an easy task, but we have made every effort to give you ideas and advice to create a personal oasis of peace and relaxation.

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Decide which type of swimming pool you want

Swimming pools can be divided into several types, according to certain characteristics. The simplest classification is for indoor and outdoor pools.


Indoor swimming pools are a long-lasting option that, when performed by an experienced team, can last for several decades. The construction of such swimming pools is approached like any other construction project – with the development of preliminary design with a 3D model, as well as detailed technical drawings, until the final works on the site. They are often easier and less expensive to maintain because of the humidity factor.

Also, indoor pools are generally heated so that they can be used year-round, even when the weather is cold. This is one of the major benefits of having an indoor pool. The shape and design of a pool can vary drastically according to personal preference, and you can also have a pool that extends both indoors and outdoors as a type of compromise.

Outdoor swimming pools might be quite fast and easy to install if we compare it to an indoor pool. It’s usually a rather long process. The time needed to construct, design and install your outdoor pool actually depends on various circumstances, for example, swimming pool size and type, the location, the layout and many more.

Removable swimming pools could be found on the market with a minimal budget in different mounting system variants. They take only a few hours to get installed and the installation involves a metal frame structure that is mounted on a flat stable surface. After the season is over, all parts can be packed and stored in a safe place.

Match the pool with your interior


In case you opt for an indoor pool, you should know that it’s actually perfect for a modern minimalist or nature-inspired interior design. Of course, every interior needs a different pool. For naturally designed interiors, the stone pool is a great match. Adding wood elements or plants to it will give it a special sparkle. For modern interior design, you won’t go wrong with choosing a stone pool, but a more neat and sleeker style pool, with more regular lines and shapes and with a potentially futuristic design is a more appropriate choice.

Keep in mind that the design of the pool must match the design of the whole house – otherwise, the whole idea will seem a little misunderstood, incoherent and confusing. And another important tip – match the color of the pool and the colors of the entire interior; it will only enhance the feeling of relaxation and peace. You can easily take a look at some design ideas on websites like Composite Pool Solutions and find the inspiration for the pool of your dreams.

Find out more about swimming pool maintenance equipment


Before you proceed with the installation, feel free to consider all possible options regarding the equipment which is necessary for maintaining the type of pool you opted for. The installation of equipment that gives you maximum enjoyment of your stay in the pool, as well as additional wellness features, depends on your preferences and budget.

Accessories available include: water heater, underwater lights, ionizer for extra clean water, turbo jet thanks to which water flows in the opposite direction from the one you are swimming in, waterfalls, slides, solar covers for maintaining water heat, hydro-massage and many more. Indoor pools require specialized equipment to remove moisture from the air, as well as several other features.

Find out more about the prices


Prices for rubber and plastic pools range from 100 to 2,000 euros. For polyester pools prices range from 15,000 to 45,000 euros depending on the manufacturer and dimensions. The cost of constructing concrete pools is influenced by various factors, ranging from dimension, terrain, shape and equipment. The price includes excavation, construction works, installation of concrete equipment and much more.

The average size of a pool that is eight meters in length, four meters in diameter, and depths of 1.35 to 1.5 cannot be built for an amount of less than 35,000 to 50,000 euros as a minimum price. Such pools are the most beautiful, but also the most complex because the realization requires additional space where the water will be treated and returned back to the pool. That’s why they’re expensive since all these things greatly influence the final cost of the project. The cheapest are rectangular pools, though with a hefty budget you can also let your imagination run wild and create something unique that goes with the backyard environment.

Choose the right position


Why is the position of the swimming pool so important? In case you would like to catch some rays while swimming, you should make sure your pool would be located on the sunny part of the yard. Of course, trees are lovely for their cool shade, but their leaves fall into the pool, often causing some additional pool maintenance.

If you place your swimming pool in an open area, it’s fundamental to think about when and where the sun will be positioned during the day. In case your pool gets some midday or afternoon sun, it will be warm, so if that’s not what you would prefer, feel free to think about something else.

Following these tips, if you can afford it, there is nothing left to do but let your imagination run wild, seek additional inspiration in our chosen pool designs and crown your home with a beautiful pool to your liking!