How to Promote Events Efficiently and Effectively

When a company or brand organizes an event, they definitely aim for it to attract the attention of the public and be attended by many visitors. But to do this, there are lots of other things to plan on. They need a coordinated and appropriate promotion plan first.

There are many ways that they can do so that their event promotion can achieve its objectives. But keep in mind that while promoting an event, the brand should also know the objective of the event it will hold. What are the important things to consider in determining event marketing objectives? Do they plan to raise awareness or to gather as many people to attend the event? All of these questions are important to think about.

Here are some things that brands can do to maximize their event promotions through the various marketing channels they have.

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Announce the event information at the official website


Almost all companies now have blogs to convey a variety of interesting information related to the brands they manage. And thus you can use the blog to spread information about the events being held. The key is to create natural content that is not too overly promoting the event and rather use a soft selling skill. But don’t forget to also provide a relevant call-to-action in the form of asking people to join the event.

Strengthen the SEO of the event site

Before planning an event promotion, usually, a brand will create a special website or social media for the event being held. And so that the site that was created earlier can work optimally, then we need to strengthen the SEO of the event page.

The main pillar for the SEO of a site to get stronger is to target the right keywords. Therefore, we need to summarize the event into a few words or phrases and form a strong keyword strategy from these words. We can also use various tools to find out which keywords invite the most reactions and how competitive these keywords are in search engines.

Apart from keywords, also make sure that the event site is responsive when accessed via mobile. Because this also has an influence on the development of site rankings in search engines like Google.

Create varied content for social media


Paying attention to the content that you’ve uploaded is important. Creating and presenting content will increase public awareness of the event, and can also provide added value to the audience.

You should create content that is related and engaging to people who see them. For example, if the event that you are holding is in the form of a seminar or discussion, you can create content in the form of interviews with speakers with the aim that the content we present can provide the context of the event for the audience and potential visitors.

Apart from presenting content in the form of articles, videos are also an effective form of text or pictures to attract public attention. Using video content for promotion will increase audience interest and experience to want to learn more about related events.

Put events information on the email signatures

Try to imagine how many emails are sent in a day by company employees. The answer is tons! Therefore, you can use email to promote events that are being held. Using this tactic can be a way of promotion with minimum effort but you can reach for maximum results.

In the email signature, you can put a link that leads to the event registration page or can also be added with a simple image that promotes the event.

Dedicate one part of the newsletter for the event


Most companies today often send newsletters to their loyal customers every month. And thus it will be wonderful if you can dedicate one part of the newsletter to market the event.

Using a newsletter is a good way to raise awareness of the event because the content will be sent to subscribers who already have an interest in the brand you manage. It will be very easy for you to encourage them to want to be involved in the events being held.

However, also make sure that the newsletter is not specifically dedicated to the event because it might make regular subscribers feel unnecessary and no longer interested in the newsletter.

By utilizing many channel marketing, you can promote and increase the event visibility better. These tips below can be the ultimate key steps that can help you to achieve success for the event.

Do keep in mind that even though promoting the event is important, holding a perfect and spotless event is crucial. Make sure that you don’t disappoint guests who come to the event. Thus the next time you host another event, they will be happy to join and even invite people too.

Don’t just give a bare minimum for your guests, things as simple as giving out free water during an event can even make guests feel appreciated and taken care of – especially if your event is done during the day. Through My Own Water, you can purchase water bottles that are designed with your event info and logo on their bottle easily. This can also be a thoughtful gesture that sparks people to upload into social media – allowing your brand to probably get a whole new exposure!