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Revitalise Your Garden Space with Upcycling

Upcycling, the process of creating something new out of older, out of fashion materials, has been very on trend in garden spaces for several years. The creation of “shabby chic” furniture from old chairs and tables is a fun and easy way to create a rustic, lived in aesthetic. This process seems to have evolved, with more gardeners using more unusual furniture, like wardrobes, reusing them as novelty planters. In this article, we look at how you can repurpose your existing materials to decorate your garden space. Let’s take a look…

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Rustic Textures


Using old stone or brick work is an effective way to create more natural texture in your garden. Give your space the feel of an old boundary wall to help elevate its sense of character and lived in feeling. Similarly, using old timber or metal as homemade planters helps to bring individuality to your garden. Many garden centres make garden ornaments or signage using these recycled materials, allowing for a cheap, easy way to add more interesting textures to your outdoor space.

If you want an outdoor seating area such as a patio or decking space, thankfully many businesses are embracing more designs inspired by nature. For example, eco-friendly composite materials have been designed with a wood grain texture, perfect for that natural feeling underneath your feet when spending time outdoors.

Unusual Planters


Anything can be used as planters, and if normal terracotta plant pots don’t take your fancy, being creative as to what objects you use to house your plants can give your garden a real sense of individuality and quirkiness. Objects like old tyres, rusted BBQs, metal watering cans or wooden crates are extremely useful when repurposed as wide, deep planters for larger plants.

If you have a more limited garden space, vertical planters are an ingenious solution to maximise the most out of what you have. Using old wardrobes or cabinets is a perfect way to have your plants growing at more of a height.

Garden Furniture


Reusing old furniture, either from your house or bought second hand, is a simple, cost-effective way to populate your garden space with a stylish seating area. You can easily give old furniture a new lease of life by repainting it to match the colours of your garden theme or decking area. Lighter, paler, more neutral colours will contrast beautifully with the greens and earthy tones of your lawn and plants.

A consideration when using indoor furniture outdoors is potential scratches that may occur when dragged across the flooring of an outdoor seating area, such as patio slabs or decking. You can cap the legs of your tables and chairs with soft plastic to prevent damage, or simply place your furniture on top of a rug.

Make your Own!

If you do not want to repurpose your old furniture or navigate through charity shops, there is always an option to make your own seating and table area from found materials. Wooden pallets can be fitted together to make an outdoor sofa by even a relative beginner at DIY, perfect for entertaining guests around a firepit or a BBQ.

To make any simple handmade furniture more long lasting, all it would need is to be sealed to protect it from weathering, or to be housed underneath a permanent shelter, such as a pergola. Adding some hydrophobic outdoor cushions can help transform timber scrap into a comfortable, stylish garden addition.