Shopping for a Power Bank? Here’s what you need to know

For many years now people around the globe were struggling with ways to keep their mobile devices running in times where no electricity sources are available near them. However, a few years back someone invented the Power Bank, and this problem was finally solved.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “Power Bank”, it is basically chargeable power storage, which is then used to charge your phone, tablet or even laptop whenever you want. Sounds great huh? Well, it is.

Since then, Power Banks really grew in popularity, so many different companies and brands started manufacturing them as well. Today, there is a really big number of choices out there on the market when it comes to buying Power Banks, so for someone that’s pretty new into this, it may feel a bit overwhelming.

Luckily, we’ve written this article in order to help you choose the best power bank for your needs, so if you are currently in a similar situation or you simply want to learn more about these mobile “life-savers”, feel free to read until the end. Here’s what you need to know.

So according to, about ninety percent of all people who buy a Power Bank usually start with the capacity as the first and most important feature. Capacity basically means the amount of energy that can be stored into the power-bank, which also means the amount of energy you can use in order to fully charge your mobile devices while hiking, traveling or being anywhere where electricity sources are not available.

Obviously, different devices will require different amounts of energy in order to be completely charged. Which means that if you are someone who doesn’t worry as much about having their smartphone charged, but uses a lap-top really frequently either for work or something else, you might be in need for a much larger capacity Power Bank.

Next, choosing by the Input and Output options. Although almost all of the Power Banks today are really advanced and have tons of options for Input and Output, some of them might be lagging a few years behind, so always make sure that the Power Bank you’re purchasing has the adequate Input and Output method for your device.

Size matters. When purchasing a Power Bank, the size of it is really important, simply because you will most likely be taking this thing with you everywhere you go. The main idea of Power Banks in the first place was to be small, compact and extremely useful, so buying something that has the size of a generator is really contrary, right? Make sure to always choose smaller and more efficient ones.

Last but not least, the price and quality of a Power Bank. The price will always vary a lot due to the different brands and companies that manufacture them, but most of the times it will be determined by the capacity and a few other specifications like time required to fully charge, etc. Make sure that you choose something that seems most worth for your money.