7 Tips For Small Business Event Planning in 2024

When we talk about events that fill our everyday lives, both in business and private life, many factors affect the success or failure of their organization. If you are a small business that just wants to establish itself and establish itself in the business sky – you have probably considered organizing a business party or perhaps presenting it to potential business partners. Therefore, a good plan is a key item in the organization of any corporate event. If you still don’t know how to organize such an event – perhaps our 7 tips will be useful to you.

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A Good Plan Is The Basis Of A Good Celebration


When organizing events, it often happens that we miss the little things that turn out to be major problems only on the spot. The result: It is these “small” omissions that mark the event – and then there is no point in explaining that there was not enough time and that the mistake was on someone else. That is why we draw your attention to planning.

A good plan is the basis of every celebration, and therefore, your business celebration, which includes New Year’s parties, the company’s birthday, or some other occasion such as socializing with employees, etc. All this should be separated from classic business events such as conferences and seminars, dinners, presentations, and promotions. This type of business entertainment is less formal and provides an opportunity for you and your colleagues to finally relax and get to know each other better in an informal atmosphere.

Make A Good Plan


To organize a corporate celebration that will be remembered – you must have an idea. It all starts with that – it’s true. However, the idea itself without a developed plan and good organization – will not be worth much. That is why we direct you to better plan your business party without forgetting some important things. These are the tips you should follow.

1.   Get to work on time

It often happens that the company’s management wants to save on the organization and leave the celebration to one of the employees. This is a typical situation that occurs – and precisely because of insufficient experience, omissions occur. Therefore, it is important to start preparations on time – at least a month earlier. Most important: Milestone! Each step in the organization should be recorded and delegated to the participating team members. In this way, progress is seen – and the possibility of omissions is significantly reduced.

2.   Define what kind of celebration you want

Define how you want your celebration to go. How many people? A classic cocktail party, or a party until the morning? Maybe you imagined something unusual like a bus party for your employees? According to libertypartybus.com, this is becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate for a variety of occasions – including business. Still, it’s far more convenient if you’re a small business, and decide to embark on your limo bus Toronto adventure. We assume that in these conditions you would become even closer with your colleagues – and it is quite certain that such parties relax and unwind all members of your team. You can drive through the city – and if the possibilities allow, you can travel somewhere for a short time with your colleagues.

3.   More formal celebration requires staff

If you have decided on a more traditional place like a restaurant – keep in mind to reserve it on time, and at a time when it suits you. It would be ideal to have waiters and security at your disposal – of course, if you are confident in their professionalism. Therefore, it is the best option to hire professional and reliable staff from an agency. You should take care of the hostesses, and here’s why.

The girls who are otherwise employed there are not informed about the circumstances of your company and the significance of the event. Therefore, hire two girls of decent appearance and elegant posture. Hold at least two briefings with them and go through all the items of the celebration – starting with welcoming and checking in the guests. They must be familiar with the basic business of the company.

4.   List of guests

This is probably the hardest part of the planning because we mostly approach it upside down. At one point you don’t know who to call first – and after the celebration, it turns out that you forgot some important people who will probably be offended. Here’s an easy way to organize. Divide guests into three groups: friends of the company (associates, former employees, celebrities), media, and business (current, former, and potential clients). Then ask the members of the management to submit the proposal of their guests, which you will enter in the table.

5.   Drinks


Unwritten rule 1: drinks should not be charged.

Unwritten rule 2: you shouldn’t have a lack of drinks.

When you get an invitation to a party, it usually means you don’t have to pay for a drink. Do the same for your guests. Here you also need to be well organized. Never, but never determine the number of drinks on your own – especially if you do not have adequate experience in organizing events. Hire a food & beverage manager for evaluation. If the budget allows, “sprinkle” this offer with cocktails.

6.   Food


The ideal solution is to hire a catering agency with references, which will prepare a snack according to your requirements.

Important: After you have arranged the food, check with the people from the catering if ovals, plates, toothpicks, and napkins are included in the offer.

It would be nice to eat everything but count on some leftovers. You can pack it and take it to the company, or leave it to the staff. The same goes for drinks if it’s yours, so book one car for the end of the celebration.

7.   Gifts


This thing is optional, but it can make a very good impression. Sure, it depends on the number of guests and the budget. However, if you already decide on gifts – then be as creative as possible. Bags with agendas, calendars, and prospects are a big No-No. Everything you need to know about the company should be written on the bags – period. You will cheer up your guests and leave a nice memory if you give them a nicely wrapped cake, a lady’s mirror, or a Cuban cigar.