4 Ways Smart Pools are Different from Regular Pools

You can notice the progress of technology on a daily basis when you think about it, you realize that almost everything in your house is part of a smart system, which will be part of the Internet of Things in future. This makes our lives a lot easier, and the smart systems themselves are improving so that everything is already available to us today with one click. If almost every corner of our home is already smart, why not have a pool with such a system.

When we already enjoy its benefits, it would be great to use it completely. This is quite possible with smart pools. Its options far exceed regular ones, and below we will explain why this is so. If you want to learn more about the smart pool itself, we have compiled several features that describe this type and thus better explain how it works.

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What exactly is that?

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In essence, every smart technology is similar and it works on more or less the same principle. Just like we already said, everything in our home is part of smart technology, so it is time for the pool. It is about its elements that have been modernized, so everything is automatic, and that enables a much more fun.
This improvement provides you with less time spent during maintenance (as we said – everything is automatic, including cleaning). If you already have a traditional type, then you know for sure how tiring it is to clean it every day and maintain it most of the time.
Our favorite model – smart pool, just allows you to simply relax in it all the time without thinking about the accompanying things. By that, we mean heating, cleaning, etc. All this is still done, but the difference is that you can start it all with one click on your phone, computer, or tablet.
To make its features even clearer to you, we have made a comparison of a regular and smart one. That way, you will certainly see its advantages and we are convinced that you will notice huge differences.

What are all the differences?

They have several significant advantages over regular ones, all thanks to its automated elements. When we mention these elements, we mean specifically:

1. Management system

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As we said before, you can launch the options of your smart pool from any distance with simple remote control. You can do this through your smart devices, and all the settings are on these devices as applications. You can also connect the system to a Google account or someone else, and thus synchronize even more conveniently.

2. Self-cleaning system

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Another process that takes almost the most time and is the biggest burden when it comes to maintenance is cleaning. Everyone can hardly wait to enjoy the pool, but when they think about how much it takes to clean it, they are not so happy with that idea.
This does not have to burden you and you can now enjoy it 100%. The smart system also keeps this item under control, so that, unlike the traditional model, it is automated and installed directly in the pool. The elements of this system are not visible in the water until they are used, and when they are used, they work on a simple principle – they pump water from the pool floor and thus expel all the remains at the bottom towards the drain.
Based on this principle of functioning, the best possible cleaning is performed because every part of the pool is properly cleaned. Every surface is safe from dirt in this way. This cannot be achieved with the traditional method, because it covers only a third of the pool and on the upper surface. This allows free passage of all bacteria in places that are not covered by cleaning, and that is the reason for unwanted algae. Visit gordonave.com.au to see the example of a self-cleaning pool.

3. Intelligent salt chlorinator

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When we talk about water, we must once again mention the importance of healthy and maintained water. This means proper maintenance with a certain level of chlorine that makes it safe for bathing. However, it is not enough to randomly put chlorine in the water. This is a process that takes a little more time.
The thing is that you have to perform a certain check of chlorine, that is, find the ideal balance, and therefore the dose. This is how it is done in a traditional pool, but a more modern model is a different story. It relieves you of these obligations because the testing is done exclusively by yourself – automatically. In this way, the chlorine level is always at a good level and constant.

4. Automated pump

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It is clear that the most important part is water, its maintenance and overall circulation. Everyone who owns one cares about being at the most efficient level possible, and it is through automation that you have that option. With the remote control, you can easily maintain a certain temperature and keep it constant.
That way, your water is perfect for swimming, and the most important thing is that the hygiene standards are met. This is all possible thanks to this pump, unlike the traditional one, which requires too much energy to do the job. In addition, it causes great damage to your environment and is not cheap at all. That is why automated is a better choice, precisely because it reduces energy consumption by up to 80%. They work 24 hours a day, and if at one point you want to turn off the pump, it is enough to enter your application and do it with one click.


The entire technology with its system has made this pool incomparably more accessible to many more users. We are simply all used to smart devices and now they occupy an important place in our lives because of their functions. That is why with this text we wanted to take you through all the attractive options that the smart pool offers.