How To Start a Blog

If you are reading this article, the chances are that you have a story you want to share with the world. Or maybe you got shocked when you found out how much bloggers earn and decided to quit your job and start a blog.

Whatever your motives are, starting a blog is never a bad idea. But there are some questions you need to figure out first: How to start a successful blog? Where to start a blog? How to promote it?; and so on.

But don’t worry! We will answer all of those questions one by one. To start with, let’s figure out:

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How to start a successful blog

Here are some steps for beginners to start a blog for free and make it go viral!

1. Find your niche


The key to success for any blog is to have the right audience. First of all, you should narrow down your target audience. Try to understand whom exactly do you want to reach out with your blog.

The biggest mistake most beginner bloggers make is writing about everything and nothing at the same time. Don’t just write about how your day went or where you traveled during the weekend.

Instead, find a topic with which you’ll want to stick to for each of your blog posts. For instance, if you love traveling and want to share your experience with your bloggers, you can start a travel blog. But here too, don’t make it too general. Narrow it down even further!

Are you more into a budget or luxurious traveling? Do you want to focus on food traveling or sightseeing? Are you going to share more in-depth articles, or will you post tips and tricks and how-to guides?

Try to answer all of these questions and make your blog even more focused. By doing that, you will figure out who your niche is. And if you have a smaller target audience, it will be easier for you to reach them out and convert.

2. Name your blog


Once you have decided on your blog topic and niche audience, you should name it. The name of your blog should be catchy yet informative.

Choosing the right name will also help you out later on during the promotion period. As you will constantly advertise your blog, you need to make sure that the blog name will be good enough to stay in people’s minds.

If you want some easy hacks for naming your blog, we will list a few:

  • To find some great synonyms, antonyms, or rare words, you can use Thesaurus.
  • To get inspired, take a look at your competitors’ blog names first.
  • To spend less time and get some quick ideas, you can use blog name generators.
  • To come up with some creative ideas, experiment with different languages.
  • To keep it simple, use your name or come up with some abbreviations.

But don’t take it too seriously either. Sometimes you might get stuck on this step, so choose your best version and move on to the next steps.

3. Choosing the right hosting provider


A more technical aspect of starting a blog is choosing a good hosting provider. We will talk about the places to start your blog later on, but first, let’s understand what hosting is and why you need one.

Once you have created your blog, you should keep it somewhere. Here is when hosting providers come into place. Hosting helps you to maintain and manage your website.

A good hosting provider is crucial as it impacts your website’s speed and performance. For example, if you choose a cheap shared hosting, the chances are high that your website will suffer from low loading speed. Why should you care about it?

If your website is slow, you will lose most of your visitors, have a worse SEO ranking and lose conversions. So, you better avoid that! Instead, if you choose a better hosting option, let’s say a managed one, you will see a boost in your website’s performance.

4. Create unique and engaging content


Last but not least, you should create content, of course! But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Your content should be as unique and informative as possible. Don’t just copy and paste what others have said about the topic. Do some deep research and add to the information that is already published.

If you write meaningful content, sooner or later, your blog will become popular and you will reach out to more people. Just have a little patience!

Finally, as we have promised, if you don’t know where to start your blog, here is the bonus part:

Best place to start a blog

There are a lot of blogging platforms out there with which you can start. Some of the most famous names are Wix, Tumblr, Weebly, Medium, and so on. But the best player in the market is WordPress. It is the classical platform for bloggers and is easy enough to figure out for beginners.

However, if you get too intimidated by all of its features, you can always hire a freelance WordPress developer on this site. It will help you to save time on technical aspects and focus more on content creation.

To sum up, to have a good blog post, you have to go through some simple steps:

  • Find your niche audience.
  • Choose a name for your blog.
  • Find a good hosting provider.
  • Create useful content.

+ Share it and promote it with your potential readers through social media and other platforms.

And don’t forget to use WordPress if you want to get the most out of your blogging! Good luck!