Digital Marketing Positions and What Skills You Need To Call Yourself Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is the type of marketing to turn your attention towards. Digital marketing slowly, but surely, surpasses traditional marketing in terms of functionality, popularity, and demand. The primary role of traditional marketing is to create leads and sales, while digital marketing focuses on providing value to its audience by creating informative content that will also drive sales.

As a digital marketer, you must have a wide range of skills and diverse enough to make it in any field. While there are dozens of jobs in the industry, specializing in one can be seen as both positive and negative.

But have you ever wondered what digital marketing positions can you apply to? What are the roles and what skills do they require? In this article, we are going to take a complete look at positions and skills in the field of digital marketing.

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Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Positions

1. Content Manager & Strategist

As a content manager & strategies, it is your mission to be the driving force for the digital marketing team. Your job is not a simple one, as you’d need to have a thorough understanding of content creation, SEO, structuring of strategies, and generally a higher understanding of how to utilize the content for various needs. As a content manager & strategies, you also need to understand how digital and other types of marketing work. Your job will not be just to create, organize, and manage content for digital channels, but also for traditional channels such as TV, paper, etc.

In most cases, you will take a central role that oversees the digital environment such as official social media channels, managing writers, performing editorial checks, using analytics to report on your progress, and various other things. So because of that, you need to be a people person and know your way around people. Also there are some websites that made the SEO content writing easy and automated for a great writing user experience. For more information, you can visit

2. SEO Specialist

No company that has a footprint in the digital world can live without an SEO specialist. To put it bluntly, SEO is what gets your website out there. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is an interesting concept that can make a person highly competitive. It’s hard to pinpoint the total number of websites in the world, but a rough estimate would be around 1.7 billion. As two new websites go online each second, the number of people you’ll be competing with is ludicrous. Because of this, every digital company needs an SEO specialist that will help rank your business amongst the leaders in your industry. Without an SEO specialist, people will never know about your business.

But this is one of the most difficult positions in the industry, mainly because SEO changes constantly without warning. What may have worked last year, six months, even last month, may not currently work. And keeping track of winning strategies is harder than you’d ever imagine. However, an SEO specialist needs to have knowledge of the technical stuff to cope with each change. The person also needs to have solid digital marketing knowledge and know-how to create content for it. He also needs to know how to optimize your content to rank with industry-specific keywords. This is not an easy job, but it will be one of the most highly paid in the future.

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3. UX/UI Designers

Nowadays, a lot of emphasis has been placed on creating the best possible experience for the user. Because of it, you can specialize in User Experience and User Interface. Designers, nowadays, need to have the knowledge on how to create websites and applications that will appeal to the user. UX/UI designers need to have both technical knowledge and design skills, but they don’t have to be equal. As a UX/UI designer, you can have more technical skills but less designing skills, or the other way round.

However, it is your job to understand how your website works and how to make it better for the user. A quick think as UX/UI designers need to look from a digital marketing point of view and they need to provide a user the perfect experience that will make him user buy into the product or service you’re selling. This, naturally, gives you a lead role in the project and you have to coordinate with every department and oversee operations so that the project will at the end, hopefully, give the user the best possible experience.

4. Digital Analyst

It’s safe to say that we’re living in the information age. This is the age where information is free for everyone to read and use. Because of it, we’ve seen a huge rise in data. Data, however, needs to be analyzed so it can be applied to your digital marketing strategies. So, step forward digital analysts. Digital analysts have a huge task at hand. A digital analyst’s primary job is to know how to optimize data, how to code and know everything about machine learning.

Machine learning, however, is an interesting concept closely related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is very hot and very in demand, and these technologies will drive big data. Those who want to get into data analysis need to be excellent computer engineers. Furthermore, this position is more and more in demand as we move towards a more data-driven society.

5. Virtual Reality Developer

The last job on our list is a very interesting one. Virtual reality developers are few since this technology is very young. VR devs need to know how to combine creativity with technology and create applications which we will use in the virtual world. VR devs, to put it simply, create VR technologies that can be experienced through a product called Virtual Reality headset.

While very young, this technology has the potential to change the way we view the world and make it more digital. This is a highly specialized position in digital marketing that should see a rise in personnel in the next few years. If you’re a person that likes to create special effects or is into graphics, then VR should definitely be something to get exciting about.