The Best Ways To Use The Internet To Get Entertainment

High-speed internet was already a necessity in normal times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is indispensable. People need internet service to work from home, since most businesses are closed. On the other hand, schools and universities are closed too. That means students have to prepare for remote learning.

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Using The Internet for Your Entertainment Needs

People have always used the internet for a variety of reasons. From sending business emails to checking facts on Google, it has truly been a revolution in terms of information sharing. But the internet offers more than just ways to communicate or gain knowledge. It is one of the biggest sources of modern entertainment the world has ever seen. It offers a number of new avenues for people to get all sorts of entertainment needs met. Here are some of the best ways the internet can be used for entertainment:

  • Access To Free Entertainment Content
  • Better Parental Control Over Children’s Entertainment
  • Live Video Chat and Instant Messaging Applications
  • Archiving Family Photos and Videos
  • Shift To Internet-Only Entertainment

Let’s take a closer look at these below.

Access to Free Entertainment Content

The internet serves as a low-cost gateway that allows you to access a host of free entertainment options. Most households already have internet service to browse through social media and check important emails. You may or may not need to upgrade your connection, but the internet lets you access a number of platforms for free entertainment.

That means you don’t have to pay anything to access channels like YouTube, Huffington Post, Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, and Steam. That means you can access free videos, music, news content, social media, and even gaming platforms for no extra cost.

Better Parental Control Over Children’s Entertainment

If you’re a parent, you likely pay close attention to what your kids watch during their impressionable years. TV is a great entertainment source. But there is no easy way to prevent young children from watching adult content on TV. After all, the PG rating does not ensure that kids will follow it independently of their parent’s supervision.

However, the internet offers much stronger parental control options than your standard TV. You have much more freedom to control what sort of content your kids have access to. There are several parental control apps that allow you to configure your router to block certain content. This also means that mobile devices such as the tablets your children own cannot access things like porn sites etc. You can even add controls directly to your Mac or PC. This ensures a better and safer in-home internet experience.

Live Video Chat and Instant Messaging Applications

Internet chats are not a new thing. Chat rooms have been around since the beginning of the Internet Age. People have been sharing ideas, jokes, and memes for a very long time. But as time progressed, the ways we communicate on the internet also evolved.

Modern video chat and messaging applications are much more advanced than early internet chat forums. Yes, they still let you communicate instantly with people anywhere in the world. But they have also expanded to include things like live video calls, AR filters, emojis, and gifs. The result is a much more entertaining exchange which you can supplement with images and videos. All in real-time.

Archiving Family Photos and Videos

Family albums used to be a great source of entertainment and family bonding when most millennials were growing up. However, with the arrival of digital cameras, film photography slowly died out. Instead, people began to take and store photos on their devices and computers. This has several problems. If you lose or damage a device, you can lose a whole part of your family memories stored digitally.

However, the internet offers a number of ways you can keep these memories, photos, and videos safe for all time. Google Photos and DropBox offer large cloud storage spaces for you to archive your family photos and videos. Then all you have to do is log into your account and show the photos to your grandkids when they are older. While this isn’t entertainment like Netflix, it is still a healthy family exercise. And the internet has made it possible.

Shift To Internet-Only Entertainment

The cord-cutting movement has been gaining a lot of traction over the past few years. Many people are beginning to realize they can rely on an internet-only model for their entertainment. On-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have encouraged a lot of people to let go of conventional cable entertainment.

Other services like SlingTV and Roku make it even easier to get live broadcast entertainment like news and sports. This is something that was previously only the domain of cable TV. In addition, many networks like HBO and Disney have now come out with their own OTT streaming services. This has only encouraged more people to “cut the cord” and switch to an internet-only lifestyle.

The internet is an almost limitless source of entertainment. It is also a necessity in modern times. Internet penetration has never been higher in the United States. Even in the least connected states, nearly 90% of the population has access to broadband or high-speed internet. So if you’re considering using the internet as your primary entertainment source, click here to look at some of the best internet plans available. Once you go for internet-based entertainment, you’ll never look back.