Top 5 Most Popular Tamil Songs

It can be hard to agree on any list, let alone on a list of the top 5 most popular Tamil songs. Every person has a different taste, and every top 5 list will have its doubters and will raise debate, regardless of how accurate that list might be.

To please every person would be a mission impossible. But we’ve seen that miracles do happen, and we are going to try and perform a miracle with our Top 5 Most Popular Tamil Songs.

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1.    Vaadi Vaadi

Vaadi Vaadi is an excellent mix of electronic music and rock that is accompanied by the wonderful lyrics of Soundara Rajan. This song is an all-time hit in the Tamil music industry due to the wonderful tune both musical genres generate. The song is quite popular, being the track from Chennai 2 Singapore, and artist, Ghibran, has stated that the movie has made the song even more popular.

Vaadi Vaadi topped India’s Tamil Top 50 for a long time, even before the movie came out. So you can even say that the song has made the movie even popular, and not the other way around. We’ve seen all throughout history how Tamil music goes perfectly with movies, but this is a clear example of how the movie plays out perfectly in the song’s favor.

2.    Yaanji

Very few Tamil songs have the impact of which Yaanji has had on the movie Vikram Vedha. By now, you can see a clear connection between Tamil music and movies, and how important they are for the movie industry in India.

Tamil music is so popular, that it must be put into movies. There is no way around it, and Yaanji certainly has had a huge impact on the India musical charts for quite some time.  The song is a romantic classic from Sam CS, and the lyrics make it even better.

3.    Vaaranam Aayiram

If you love romantic melodies that are sung from the hearth, then you must listen to Vaaranam Aayiram, as quoted by Masstamilan. This song is an all-time classic because people relate to it so much. It is a song that teaches a lot about life, and it reminds people of the very popular Forest Gump movie.

It’s strange how a song could resemble a movie, but Vaaranam Aayiran is so strong that is simply does. Sung by Harris Jayaraj, this song is possibly one of his best projects ever, and he will certainly be remembered for it.

4.    Kummi Adi

Sung by Dr. Siva Chidambaran, Swarnalatha, Naresh Lyer, Theni Kunjarammal, and Vignesh, Kummi Adi is a hit that will forever go down in Tamil folklore.

The music video is also an impressive one that every kid remembers growing up. The remarkable beats if Peppy and the racy rhythms combined with the smooth voice of Sirkazhi Sivachidambaram make this song an MVP on the top 5 Tamil songs of all time.

5.    Maaza Maaza

Sung by SPB Charan and Shreya Ghoshal, the perfect melodies of A.R. Rahman perfectly showcase the hard dealings and pains of love. Combined with heavy instruments and a soft and stylized sound, Rahman has managed to find the perfect mix for Maaza Maaza.

The gentle voice of SPB Charan perfectly mixes with Shreya’s musical style, giving the listener something to feel about in Maaza Maaza. The rendition done by Rahman should be praised yet again, for perfectly filling in youthful exuberance.