Top 6 Tourist Attractions to Visit Around Kitchener

Kitchener is perhaps a name you haven’t heard much about. It is a small city located in Ontario in Canada. You will find a lot of things that you would find familiar with a European heritage. A little lesser-known city in the Ontario province, it has been one of the best and prominent cities that you would want to visit on your visit to Canada.

What can you do while in Kitchener? Let us check out a few select attractions you would find quite impressive and attractive in Kitchener, Ontario.

Kitchener is a cultural city in Ontario and has been considered to be one of the excellent tourist destinations in the Canadian region. Let us check out a few best tourist destinations in Kitchener.

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If you want to have a little fun in Kitchener, TheMuseum is what would indeed be the right option to do that. Are we crazy? Or perhaps that would be what you would think. How can one expect a museum to be so funny? It has been considered to be an exciting family-friendly museum and has been a huge tourist attraction in Ontario.

In fact, in sharp contrast to all other museums, you will find it offering science-backed exhibits rather than being focussed on history. There are several galleries that would provide you with access to an improved appearance that would include the options of making animation films. It also provides you with access to a wide range of options in the form of live shows and creative workshops.

Doon Heritage Village

Want to go back into history? Well, nothing can beat the experience of revisiting history than spending your time at the Doon Heritage Village. The village is located in a 24-hectare area. It comes with a huge number of houses and buildings that have been restored and resemble the past in the best possible manner.

Take a walk in the city, and you can definitely experience what life was like back then. You can witness barns and other buildings that accurately represent what life was like in the yore. You can find several options such as a post office, a grocery store, a sawmill, a harness shop, and a fire hall. You can explore a wide range of buildings and beautiful gardens.

Homer Watson House & Gallery

Yet another unusual attraction in Kitchener city is the Homer Watson House & Gallery. It is one of the excellent options for an immaculately designed option with a small attraction that would make it a perfect option ever. As the name itself should indicate, it was the home for Homer Watson, who was an artist in the 19th century.

The heritage location has now been converted into a light and airy exhibition space. It hosts a wide range of artworks by Watson himself and other famous artists from Kitchener and surrounding areas. If you are someone who loves creating art, it can be a perfect option for most of your needs.

Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery

Kitchener has long been considered to be a home for art and allied aspects. The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery can definitely be considered to be one of the prominent options for art enthusiasts. In fact, the region has been considered to be a leading destination gallery in Ontario.

You would be able to witness a wide range of contemporary artwork here. In fact, the art gallery attempts to improve public engagement in the sphere of art with the concept it loves referring to as the shared experience of art. The gallery hosts both temporary and permanent exhibitions, and both of them should ideally offer you an excellent and simplified experience in being one with the art and allied aspects.

Chicopee Ski Club

Are you a ski fan? Nothing can beat the experience of an engaging experience in the realm of Skiing. You can find 11 runs for different levels of skiing. No matter whether you are a Pro or a beginner, you would definitely find it an impressive experience to go skiing while in Kitchener. Apart from skiing, you can even find them offering other sports options such as snowboarding and tubing.

The club recently changed its name to Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort. You would find it offering you an excellent option in terms of sporting events. The club is open the year-round, and that is precisely what should make it one of the prime options ever. The institute and club also offer you the option to participate in a wide range of sporting activities such as mountain biking, hiking, or even climbing. You also have access to volleyball and tennis courts as well.

The Victoria Park

Victoria Park is one of the excellent options in Downtown Kitchener. This has been considered to be one of the oldest parks in the region. It should also be one of the excellent places that you would want to spend your time in.

The park is designed by the same firm that worked with New York’s Central Park. The park also comes with beautiful lakes and gardens. A few other areas you would find exciting and exciting would include a clock tower, a bronze statue of Queen Victoria, and a bandstand. The park also has an onsite restaurant as well.

Pick a perfect Transportation

And if you are visiting Kitchener and checking out all those wonderful areas, you would definitely need to have access to a better degree of transportation service. In fact, if you are with a family, you would definitely need to have access to a comfortable traveling experience. The options, such as party bus and limo services, can be quite useful and efficient in terms of the best transportation. An excellent example in this scenario would be

No matter whether you are opting for an excursion and tour with your family or friends, it should be one of the exciting options to pick transportation wisely enough. Since you are a visitor for the first time, you would need a transportation service that really understands the region in the most positive way.

Well, those were just a few tips that should ideally help you make suitable arrangements and get the best experience ever to visit Kitchener. So, just pack your bags and move ahead on your journey!