Top Platforms For Building Mobile Apps

Most businesses have an app either to interact with their customers, launch products and services without spending too much on advertising or generally attend to the branding needs of a product/service in a growing market. If your business model can be made into an app, and your market research tells you that this venture will grow your sales, go for it. You might want to use an app development tool if you have limited coding skills and your budget is tight. Here are the top platforms you can use;

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The PhoneGap has been described by users as an easy-to-use platform. The greatest advantage of using this builder is that it supports the building of apps that are supported by multiple platforms. The process of creating an app with PhoneGap as your aid is rapid and this allows for the transfer of web development skills at a much faster rate. This is the secret to rapid releases and iterations.


The is a cloud-based platform which means that users can work on it by simply launching it on their browsers. It comes with a set of integrated services and visual developments which makes it a dynamic service that services most app requirements. A powerful and useful visual app builder tool, is considered by mobile apps developers to be responsive and easy to use.


A great tool for an organization that requires building an app that operates on multiple operating systems, Appcelerator is cloud-based. It offers an extensive library that includes extensions that make mobile phone applications easy to build and use. With integrated app usage insights, those that use Appcelerator to build an app enjoy the benefits of app performance monitoring.


Appy Pie

If your target audience cut across multiple operating systems, Appy Pie is the best companion when building an app. With a feature that supports easy app edits, it allows for constant improvement to meet the demands of your customers. The monthly cost of $50 is all you need to pay to be able to access the premium plan that facilitates all these benefits.

Appy Pie

Good Barber

Good Barber made it to this list because it caters for app developers who are looking to create a beautiful looking interface. By following 4 simple steps, the tool first sets out the layout of an app then prompt the builder to add content.


There are obviously many more app assists out there and the best really is a matter of your expertise and the outcome of your desire. For more information on app development options visit here.