Waxing v/s Epilators

Girls who want to remove hair at home might be curious to know about some better ways to get through the process. This is because there are a number of different methods such as waxing, depilating creams or epilators. Many girls try out one method but switch to the other because they might find the method painful or difficult.

Sometimes they don’t get the results the way they wanted to get. In this current article, we are going to make a detailed comparison between waxing and epilators.

Before making a comparison, let’s look into the definitions of both of the methods.

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It is an electric hair removal cream, which has a rotating wheel that has a number of tweezers on it. The wheel rotates on the surface of your skin and tweezers pull off the hair from the roots. This is one quick method. You can use an epilator that can be plugged in or either you can go for rechargeable ones as well.



On the other hand, waxing involves applying a thin layer of wax in the direction of the hair, putting a wax strip in that area and then pulling it in the direction against the hair. This also removes hair from the roots. There may be two kinds of wax, soft wax and hard wax. Both of them are equally good if used properly. An additional plus point seen in waxing is that it also removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Let’s jump onto the comparison now;

Which one lasts longer:


Both of the methods pull off the hair from the roots. All you need to learn is how to use both the techniques properly. If you pull off the hair completely with a proper technique from the roots, it takes at least 4 weeks for the new hair to come again. One thing you need to strictly keep in mind before waxing is the size of the hair.

The hair must be ¼ inches long so they can be pulled off right from the roots. Similarly for epilation, you need to have hair at least 1/8 inches long. Removing hair so frequently will not do any good to you. Rather it can cause ingrowth which sometimes is very painful as well.

So in the sense of time period, both win equal points, as both the methods are equally efficient if performed properly.

Which one is cost-effective:


Considering the cost-effective method, let’s talk about the purchase first. If you buy an ordinary average quality electric epilator from the market, it will cost you at least $100.  If you handle the product with care, you don’t have to buy a new or get it repaired again and again. So it’s only a one time buy.

Contrarily, you need to buy wax every time you run out of it. One jar or bottle of wax lasts for at least 3 months if used frequently. So you have to buy it again. You also need to buy wax strips and other accessories like popsicles to apply the wax on. Hence you have to put money every time you need more wax bottles or jars.

So it is very clearly evident here that the epilator wins one point for being cheaper in price than the waxing at home.

Which method is more Painful:


As we have already said that both the methods pull off the hair from the roots. So both the methods will definitely be painful methods. But confusion remains the same that which one is more painful. While using an epilator, you roll a number of tweezers on the skin altogether and remove the hair.

So it can be very painful at times. Contrarily, with waxing, you prepare the skin, apply the wax in the direction of hair, and pull them off immediately. This immediate pull makes the whole procedure a little less painful. Although it also creates a lot of painful sensations, however, they are less painful.

Here the winner is wax. Hence one point goes to the waxing method.

How much time does the each method require?


Epilator is based on new technology. All you need is to plug the device in electricity and here you go. It works 3 times faster than any other waxing procedure. You don’t have to make things ready to carry out the procedure. Once you are done with the hair removal, you are good to go.

While on the other hand, you have to prepare things for waxing. If you are using hot wax, you need to warm it first which involves extra time and effort. Secondly, you need to apply the wax on the skin, then put waxing strip on followed by pulling off of hair. The process is a little messy and obviously time taking as compared to the epilator.

So once again, here the epilator wins the round.

Skills needed:


As a beginner, we will suggest you go for an epilator of course. Because it needs no skills but only to plug in the device properly. With wax, if you don’t know the correct skill to pull off the hair, you can break the hair in between. You need to go in the right direction for pulling off.

It can give rise to in grown hair. Plus it can also cause more pain to you. So need some extra expertise in this regard. To learn more about how to wax properly, you can visit aaplusreviews. There you can find a detailed description of the method.

Here the winner is wax.

Method of Ease:


Epilation requires no fancy requirements of the tools and accessories. All you have to do is to sit anywhere and start epilation. Once you are done, there is no mess to clean up. But in the case of waxing, you have to warm the wax, sit down at a proper place, arrange all the equipment, apply the wax, put the strip on and begin the process. After you are done with everything, you need to clean up the mess, and you also need to clean the area of the body where you have waxed. This is not only messy but also time-taking as well.

So once again, a point goes to epilator.

Hence overall discussion proves epilator to be a little more convenient in usage than waxing. But waxing, of course, has its own advantages in many ways. Now you can make a confident decision on the basis of the points discussed above.