5 Benefits of Buy Now Pay Later Hair Extensions and Wigs

Hair extensions and wigs are widely used to improve the appearance of natural hair or to save the self-confidence of those who suffer severe or complete hair loss due to many different reasons. Living in a time of pandemic means an increased number of online orders, and hair shops are not an exception. At this website, you will find one of the greatest examples of how to run a successful wigs and extensions shop during a pandemic, and that’s great for those who don’t want to put themselves at risk of getting infected with the coronavirus while shopping. But, there are other challenges, like guessing your right model, size, and type of hair that is used.

That’s one of the reasons why most of the online shops are offering to give back your money if the product doesn’t match the described quality, or it’s not suitable, others are providing fair return and change policy, and some of them also offer the customers to order the product, and if they are not good with it, to send it back to them. Many Internet sellers saw that it’s very important to improve their return policy during the crisis because most people don’t want to visit shops and try clothes and other wearable things.

So, let’s see how this applies to hair extensions and other products made of artificial or natural hair. But, before we go there, we must define what BNPL is (buy now pay later).

It’s some type of credit and if you decide to use it, it will have some effect on your overall credit score. That means, when you buy something, you don’t actually pay it immediately, or you just pay some part of it, you take the product home, but have time to pay it completely over time. Some stores can give the product to the customer, so they can try it at home, or check if it works for them, giving some fair time to bring the products back to the store if they don’t find them suitable. But, knowing that some people are abusing their right to that, the business owners needed to find more useful solutions, to prevent frauds and unpleasant situations.

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Here are some benefits of BNPL:

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1. Affording the wigs and extensions any time you need them

Hair additions are not cheap, especially if they are made of natural hair. Sometimes, people need them immediately, for example when they survived some accident that resulted in losing their hair, or they are under cancer treatment. That’s one of the reasons why the providers are letting them take the wig, and pay the price split in monthly rates, or after a fair period they decide will work for both sides. This can be an exceptional option when it’s an emergency, and the purchase can’t wait until the salary.

2. The seller can encourage the client to buy more products

Wearing a wig for some people in need, and for others is a luxury step. But, those in need, sometimes need more than one piece, for obvious reasons. Knowing that these accessories are expensive and not everyone can afford them, BNPL is a great way for them to take two or three wigs now, and make a contract with the seller so they can pay it completely later. This is one of the ways they can promote their business, and encourage people to make bigger purchases. That will result in great sales at the end of the month or year, and it won’t be too heavy for the client’s pocket.

3. No or very low fees

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Every seller has a right to decide how they will charge for their product. Some of them are letting the clients take the wigs or extensions, and pay for them with no additional fees later. Some others can charge some fees, especially if the client is late with the payment. But, that’s all part of the business, and it’s mostly regulated by the laws in every country.

4. The buyer can check on the product and try it

Knowing that BNPL is very common with the online shops nowadays, buyers can have the wig shipped to their address, and they can try it, see if the size fits, or if they like the style, and if something isn’t right, to get it back to the seller, without having to pay for that (or just for the shipping expenses). But, this part must be strongly regulated with policies, so both the seller and buyer can know their rights, and prevent abusive behavior from both sides.

5. Better customer experience

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The customers really love when the shop is on their side, and offer something good for them. Surely, there will always be those people who will try to over-smart the seller, but that’s why the laws and rules are there. But, knowing that one shop offers a BNPL option, they will want to use their service, no matter what type of product the client needs to buy. Also, hair accessories can be complicated to pack or ship, but if you are a seller who offers wigs and extensions, then you should consider including this option in your service, especially right now, during the pandemic, knowing that the people with bad health can’t really go out shopping.

Buy now pay later is one of the greatest finance-related things ever invented. When it’s used properly, both sides are covered, and no one should worry that there will be fraud or scam during the process. This is so beneficial for those with lower salaries, or for bigger purchases too. Both the seller and buyer should be aware that this is some type of loan or credit, and even though it’s small compared to car or house loans, it can affect the credit score. But, in the end, it makes all the important purchases easier and lets the people buy what they need right now, without hesitations because of the price.