5 Stylish Ways to Wear Women’s Pumps at Work

Many women are obsessed with wearing heels at work. It is because it instantly helps them look taller. However, they can bring you a little discomfort as well. But there are some factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing the right pumps for yourself to ensure that you are comfortable while wearing them. We have listed below various points that will help you in styling the pumps in different ways and also more comfortably:

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Go all neutral:

Neutral shades are perfect for office wear because they look classy and elegant. If you plan to dress up in a neutral colored outfit for work, then consider trying pumps with neutral tones such as white, beige, and cream. The best part of these colors is that they can easily blend with your skin tone. Also, it doesn’t look like you are overdressed at your office. This is for those women who love to keep everything basic and chic. Block pumps with straps in nude shades are easily available in the market and online shopping stores, so you won’t have to struggle much to find the right one for you.

Keep the height of your pumps around 2-3 inches:

Fancy high heels are perfect for any special occasion such as weddings or anniversary parties. You don’t feel much discomfort wearing them at parties because you wear them for a short duration only. But when you are at work, you have to move around all day. It is not possible for you to wear 4-5 inches heels and walk around comfortably. Therefore, you should keep the height of your pumps around 2-3 inches only. The pumps with this much height look decent to be worn at the office.

Trying different patterns and textures:

Are you bored of wearing those same plain textured pumps everytime you go to work? If yes, then it is the time to try out some new patterns and textures. Nowadays, you will find a variety of patterns in heels. Out of all those patterns, block and animal prints are trending these days. Whenever a plain formal shirt with black pants, you can choose to wear animal printed pumps with it to look more stylish and unique. If you want to get pumps with different patterns and textures, consider checking out Dream Pairs’ website: https://dreampairshoes.com/collections/womens-pumps.

Be confident while walking in your pumps:

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Do you know what is the biggest asset that one can have in their wardrobe? Many people think that having different types of clothes and footwear are the biggest asset in their wardrobe. But they are wrong here. Confidence is the asset that everyone needs to have in their closet. If you are not confident enough, you won’t be able to carry any outfit in the perfect way.

When we talk about wearing pumps, especially at work, it is very important for you to feel confident in them while walking. The first thing that anyone will notice about you at work is your confidence. It must look like you are walking in your heels effortlessly. Do not stress over it because with practice you will learn how to carry them at work with confidence.

Avoid wearing pumps with sparkles:

Sequins and sparkles look really great when worn at some party or occasion. But when you are dressing for your office, we suggest you avoid adding sparkles to your entire outfit. However, it does not mean that you cannot wear anything with detailed work on the pumps. Just try to pick pumps with some subtle design for your office.

Reasons to wear heels at work

Makes you look taller:

This is a very obvious advantage of wearing heels. When you look taller than most people in the room, it makes you feel like you have the right to command. It makes you feel even more confident at work. Suppose you are going out for a meeting, it would be a perfect occasion to wear heels because it will make you more visible during the presentation. There are many studies as well that show taller people are more successful in businesses.

Good body posture:

The best part of wearing heels is that it provides you with good body posture. They help in bringing out the best body posture in you. When you have a perfect looking body posture, it adds to your confidence. Some women may feel shy and less confident while wearing heels for the first time at work. But with practice, they become comfortable in those heels. Also, it is not necessary that you have to wear 5 inch heels at work. Choose the height of the heel according to your comfort. Generally, 2-3 inches pumps are very comfortable for women.


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Normal formal clothes may not make your look attractive and stylish at work. But if you play around and wear different heels with your formal outfit, then it will instantly improve your overall physical appearance. There are many patterns available in the market. But make sure to choose the subtle designs and not too loud. You can also try different textured heels for creating a unique look.


These days, women love wearing different types of heels especially pumps at their workplace. It not only makes them look taller but also makes them feel more confident. However, not everyone has the habit of carrying them comfortably. But when you wear it regularly, you will learn how to carry them effortlessly.

Heels are also a perfect option to add style to for basic formal outfits. You might not play around with your formal clothes but you can with your heels. Choose pumps with different patterns and textures to create a stylish look. However, keep in mind to always choose subtle designs. Apart from this, you should pick the right height for your pumps. The height should be too much as you won’t feel comfortable while walking in it at your workplace. Keep these points in mind and you will rock wearing pumps for the office.