What You Need To Become A Successful Home Renovation Business

In recent years, consumers started understanding the advantages of adopting a more energy-conscious way of life, hence windows that are energy efficient have gained popularity. It is quite simple, energy-efficient windows lower the cooling and heating costs, and a lot of people can also apply for tax credits.

By replacing the windows, you will also gain improved security, your home will be better soundproofed, and, of course, your house will have a better appearance. Starting a door and window replacement building can be quite lucrative. Here is what you will need in order to become a successful home renovation company such as https://kitchensacramento.com/.


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1. Obtain training

You could get training and certification in window and door installation through the National Glass Association or an Installation Masters. If you have previously worked in carpentry or have worked with a home exterior company, you might be eligible to attend an online program or a self-study program.


2. Obtain the necessary license

You should contact a licensing agency or a local building department to find out what licenses are required to work in your area. You might need to get a construction supervisor license, a home improvement contractor’s license, or a lead-safe certification through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

3. Purchase a vehicle

You will definitely need a commercial vehicle. Keep in mind that you should deck it out with your business information, such as whether you are certified and licensed, as well as some basic information, like a telephone number, an email address, or your website address.


4. Get insurance!

According to Window Concepts, a company based in Milwaukee and the experts in the field we sought help from, you should contact your insurance provider about buying business insurance and commercial vehicle coverage. However, if your insurer is not able to provide you with such policies, they should at least be able to connect you with someone who can. Buy a contractor’s bond from a surety company. This will reassure your customers that if you are unable to finish the job, they will be covered.

5. Find a good window and door supplier

You should find a window and door supplier that is reputable and that offers a wide range of replacement windows and doors, such as fiberglass, vinyl, thermal, double pane, wood and aluminum clad, planter box, custom windows, as well as grid and glass options. You should get samples in order to develop a good portfolio and to have something to show to your customers.

6. Do not forget the marketing

Keep in mind that you should either develop or buy marketing materials, such as door hangers, brochures, and yard signs. Clients that are satisfied with your work will want to display your yard sign during the renovation and some might even display it after the installation is finished.

7. Having a website matters

Having a website is one of the most important things that you could do for your business. On it, you should include customer reviews, before and after pictures, glass, window, door, and grid options, as well as some maintenance tips. Also, you should include an “about me/us” page where customers can read about your background and qualifications.


8. Here are some tips that you can implement as well:

  1. After there is a big storm or natural disasters, go door-to-door and hand out brochures. Keep in mind that you should check the yards for “no trespassing” signs and avoid visiting these houses.
  1. Always ask for a portion of the payment up front, about 20 or 30% of the payment.
  1. If you wear shoe covers while working at someone’s home, clients will appreciate this gesture since you will take care of their home while working.
  1. Ask the satisfied customers to review your work on your website, as well as sites like Angie’s List and Service Magic.


By following these tips, you will be able to start and have a successful home renovation company. Also, it will make the whole process simpler, more time and cost efficient, and of course, stress-free.