Why A Good Website Design Is So Important?

Whether you are running a company with hundreds of employees or small business with your friends and coworkers, it is important to find multiple ways to maximize your profits. You might have created a great product or have thought of a service that everyone requires it, but without the right tools and moves, you won’t be able to sell them. The most important step for every business to start increasing profits is marketing.

However, once you realize how many different marketing strategies are available, it might get a bit confusing about which one you should invest in. You are wondering which one is the best. Should you invest in your social media, in your e-mail campaign or in an influencer?

Believe it or not, it is none of these. What will bring you the most attention to your brand and the biggest number of customers is a good website design. It is something that every business should take seriously. Not only is it essential to have your brand online, but it will also provide a lot of opportunities that might help you grow your company even further.

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Why is it so important?


Many small companies and big corporations too fail to realize that having a well-designed website these days is probably one of the most important steps you have to take when growing your business. You want to create something that will look professional with nice visuals, accessible, and easy to understand. The appearance of your site and its functionality are the two most vital things for success.

But, why is this so important? It is quite simple. In this modern age, whether it’s a toddler, a teenager or an adult, all of them have access to a smartphone, a tablet or any other device that has access to the internet. It provides people with easy access to information which is why you have to create a site that will ease their access to your company’s information even more.

User Experience and User Interface are vital


A website that is well-designed will always have its user interface (UI) and its user experience (UX) optimized to its maximum.

When it comes to UX, it is very crucial that you provide the users with a smooth, seamless and fast experience. No matter what they click or choose, every activity should feel like one smooth movement and not like a choppy slideshow.

What’s also important with UX is that you have to provide your customers with an easy to understand design. The way to their information has to be clear, purchasing your products or hiring your services needs to be as simple as a click. The less you frustrate your audience, the bigger the chances they will finish their purchase.

UI focuses on the visual aspect of your site. It will motivate your clients to keep exploring and will push them to select other sections, other products and so on. You need to use the right colors and layout to increase the attractiveness of your website.

Personal design


Building a simple website with a drag and drop tool such as WordPress is a great option that will cost you just a couple of dollars, but when it comes to leading a successful company and a good marketing strategy, you will need a fully customized site made by a professional designer. You will need to build something that will reflect your brand’s colors, vision, and personality. You cannot ask someone who is not specialized in such designs if you want to create something that looks unique and feels fluid.

Naturally, employing your own professional web designer can be quite expensive, especially if you have a “start-up budget”. This is the reason why should consider hiring a company that provides web design services such as DJ Wimberly. It will cost you a lot less than hiring a professional on your own but will provide you with the most professional visuals and user interface.

Search Engine Optimization


If you already have a site then you probably know about search engine optimization or SEO. An SEO ranking basically means how high your website will be ranked on search engines such as Google. But, how do you achieve a higher ranking on such a search engine?

Well, creating a good site is not just about having pretty visuals and fast processing times. It is also vital that you use the right keywords, the right descriptions, and titles. You need to customize it as much as possible so you can optimize your SEO score.

However, good coding and design will also affect your SEO score which is why you need to try to create the best website possible.

To give you a good idea of why SEO is so important to marketing your brand, studies have shown that more than ninety percent of people who use Google or Bing will click on the first page and close the search engine. So, just imagine how much more clicks you will get if you reach the first page rank on Google.

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Have you ever went on a certain webpage to start purchasing products, but you were met with slow loading speeds and slow responsiveness? You probably closed the webpage as soon as possible and went on another one. Well, this can happen to your page too if you do not ensure that it is properly optimized.

Hire an experienced webpage designer and he will make sure that every user that tries to connect will be met with fast and responsive loading times. A professional will also optimize your webpage with every possible device whether it is an Android smartphone, an iPhone, a PC or a table.

Better Ad Placement


Have you had problems getting an ad placement on Facebook or Instagram in the past? That usually happens if you do not have a properly designed webpage because it might seem illegitimate. By creating something that will look professional and unique, you will ensure that you always get the best ad placements possible.