Why You Need Cashmere In Your Closet

Cashmere comes from the famous cashmere goats that populate Mongolia and China, but what is the secret as to why this special yarn is so expensive? Well, the reasons why is because of the entire laboring process of sourcing the wool, collecting, and processing.

Through time, a lot of cashmere wool blends have made themselves more accessible to the general public, and these types of cashmere have become a better option for many people. The main fact surrounding cashmere is the quality, but quality can vary a lot so it’s always important to check a label before purchasing any products.


But why do you need cashmere in your closet? Is it only the fact that they feel nice why people buy cashmere products? Stick around as we are going to tell you some of the benefits of wearing cashmere.

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1.    Cashmere has excellent insulating properties

Possibly one of the least known fact surround cashmere is that it can warm you up even up to three times more than regular sheep’s wool and other synthetic alternatives. The goats from which cashmere is produced live in cold regions where temperatures are below zero during the winters, and they shed as soon as spring comes. This is our first reason as to why you need cashmere in your closet, especially during the winters, as it will keep you warmer than most types of clothing materials.


2.    Cashmere is very comfortable

According to www.italyincashmere.com, cashmere products are impressively breathable. The fact that scarves are back in fashion makes cashmere scarves the most wanted clothing as of late. Add to the fact that cashmere is very comfortable against the skin and it doesn’t leave you sensitive to irritation. But unlike synthetic fibers, which can leave you in a very hot situation, cashmere allows your body to breathe due to the material’s impressive composition.


3.    Perfect for Autumn

Much like the winters, cashmere is very popular during the autumns because it is neither too heavy nor too light.  A cashmere sweater is a perfect item for your closet as it can keep you warm in the winters and take the weight off during the autumn transition.


4.    No more scratchiness

People avoid wool for the simple reason that it leaves our bodies itchy and scratchy. However, cashmere is so soft that it has been described as superfine due to the density of the fibers. The fibers are very tight and it creates a smooth and soft texture that all types of skin enjoy it. Cashmere doesn’t harden, not ever, and it’s made 40% out of natural elastic making it the most durable clothing material even after washing and pressing.

5.    It is the perfect clothing item all year round

We talked about how good cashmere is for the winters, and we touched how impressive it is during the autumns. But cashmere is suited for wear all year round with lots of blazers, short sleeve sweaters, vests, shawls, wraps, cardigans, shorts, t-shirts, and a lot of other types of clothing’s best suited for all year round wear.


What’s even better for you, and your wardrobe is the fact that cashmere will always be trendy and it’s trending right now as we speak.