How to Watch Your Favorite TV Channels During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Bad reception or boring television content during the coronavirus quarantine is unacceptable, which is why you should consider moving to a new and better way of watching your favorite television channels.

Television has been the main source of entertainment for many people for the past 50 years or maybe even more. What was once restricted to just broadcasting towers and an antenna, today we have access to all kinds of different ways to enjoy our favorite movies, TV shows, and channels. We have a lot to choose from such as cable, aerial TV, streaming services, satellite TV and others.

Unfortunately, even with these new ways, you could have trouble finding your favorite TV channels which is why you should visit here. This could help you deal with the licensing restrictions that many broadcasting companies usually do.

However, the quality of the image we get on our television heavily depends on the company. While some provide the highest possible resolution and as many channels as possible, other companies can be the exact opposite with even worse pricing. Finding the right service to watch all of your favorite TV channels can be problematic at first.

It is especially important to find the right company which will satisfy your needs during the coronavirus quarantine. During the pandemic, most of the people on this planet right now are locked down in self-isolation, we assume that you are too. While the self-isolation can become a bit frustrating, it is the best time to catch up on all of your favorite channels and movies.

To help you make the right decision, here are some of the ways you can watch your favorite TV channels during the coronavirus quarantine.

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Aerial TV

Just a few decades ago, cable companies were probably the only option that people could choose from. Antennas did work, but you could only catch a couple of channels at the worst possible quality. Fortunately, this last decade, we have seen a lot of improvement in both the antennas that are used at home and the broadcasting towers.

Today, with a good outdoor or indoor antenna and good positioning of said antenna, you can probably get most of your favorite TV channels. You just have to find out where the broadcasting tower is located exactly and make sure that the antenna is properly installed in your home. For the best possible quality, you will need one mounted on the roof of your home.

Cable TV

You are probably aware that most of the people today are deciding to quit this “dying industry” and that many other ways of watching television are much better. This may be true, but there are still some advantages to having cable at home. Cable is especially better these last couple of years to make up for the lost viewers. With offers for better pricing and packages, they hope they can bring in new users on their system.

Do some online searching about cable companies in your area and their pricing. You might find something that offers a cheaper fee than anything else with a large number of channels. Who doesn’t like access to so much content at the click of a button right? Keep in mind, cable does not have the ability to provide your TV with high-quality images. If you are the type of person that can’t handle low-quality movies, you should move on to our next option.


Netflix first started out as a DVD sales business and rental through the mail, but in 2007, they completely changed their business model and finally turned to video on demand online. Netflix believed this was the future and got on the train to success pretty early. As time went by, Netflix easily became the world’s biggest streaming service. What was once limited to the United States, is now available in almost every country in the world.

For $9 a month, you get access to tons of different TV shows, documentaries, and movies. What is even better is that all of this content is always in the highest possible quality and if you pay a bit extra, you can even watch your favorite movies in 4k. Keep in mind, some content is limited to certain countries because of licensing restrictions. But, with the use of a VPN, you will be able to bypass those restrictions which is completely legal.

If you feel like streaming services such as these are the best option for your TV during the coronavirus quarantine period, Netflix is definitely the best out of the bunch.


As Netflix started to grow into a widely successful business, Hulu, owned by Disney following in its footsteps. Depending on the type of movies and TV series you enjoy, Hulu might even be the best option out of all of this. Just like Netflix, they have their own production company that releases “Hulu Originals” such as The Path, Casual, etc.

Hulu might be the better option for many because it costs just $6 a month for thousands of different content. Keep in mind, the $6 package comes with ads while the $12 one, does not. So, if you want an ad-free experience you will have to fork a bit of extra cash every month. There are a bunch of other customizations that are available. For a price, of course.


We believe that HBO Now deserves a place on this list because it comes with a lot of high-quality TV shows and movies. Game of Thrones was originally aired on HBO and you can still find it on HBO Now at a much higher resolution. If you are into this type of content then this streaming service is definitely the one for you. Although, the pricing is a bit steeper at $15 a month. Thankfully, there is a trial period of 7 days, so if you do not like it, you can refund your money easily.

We believe that by using any of these services above, you will definitely be a lot more entertained during these quarantine days.