6 Things To Have In Mind When Writing An Argumentative Essay

When you decide to write this essay, you need much more than the opinion you have about the topic. So you have to approach all of this extremely professionally for the essay to make sense. No matter how convincing you think your views are, believe us that is not enough. It is important that it is well-structured with solid evidence. You may be working too hard and not having time to deal with this, but there are experts to help you do a great job. Either way, it’s not scary even if you don’t know anything about this. The most important thing is to seek help in time and find out as much as possible about this topic.

We will help you write a convincing essay. All you need to do is read our few tips to help you on your way to the perfect argumentative essay. Below you can read all the elements that a properly structured argumentative essay should have.

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1. Idea

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It is important that your idea is argued, but it is also important what you defend. One of the biggest problems is the popularity of certain topics and it can happen to you that most of your peers have already started writing about it. This is not a bad thing, but this will not impress your teacher because he will read for the umpteenth time on the same topic. This often happens so don’t worry if it happens to you too, the most important thing is the essence of the essay. However, here are some unique ideas that you might like …

For example, writing about the approach of certain diseases and how drug companies react to it, natural methods of treating diseases, endangerment of animal species, the state of the country and its limitations, educational requirements and their obsolescence, etc. These are just some of the ideas you can work out to inspire yourself to find even more interesting topics.

2. Statement of thesis

Although this statement involves only one sentence, it is crucial to your argumentative essay. This is the beginning of the defense of your position, and this sentence is at the very beginning, that is, in the introductory paragraph. It talks about what you will write next in your essay and represents the skeleton of the whole idea. That is why it is important to make sure that it is consistent with that. Its main role is to prepare the reader for everything that follows later. So we can say that this is a summary of your opinion.

In order to do this part as well as possible, we have advice for you. Ask yourself a question with this sentence and simply give the reader an answer to it. For example, do it in a few sentences and intrigue the reader. It is a great strategy that will make your essay even more attractive and thus encourage reading.

3. Argument

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When you come to the first presentation of an argument, do something unexpected – refute it. This is followed by the presentation of an idea that has nothing to do with your views. Through this presentation, you should explain why you do not agree with it. For example, take advantage of some popular views that most people agree on and there are already quite a few like-minded groups. So, give this as an example and then present your opinion which is totally opposite. The main advantage of this move is efficiency because you use evidence and give a valid argument.

4. Point

Writemyessayz.com advice is to present your main arguments in a very concise way, but before that, make the main point. When you do, you will provide the reader with a guide and an organized text. You will do this if you successfully explain the way you came to the conclusion. In this way, the reader will immediately know the essence of the essay, while the attractive text will lead him to read further and learn everything about it. It will also help you stay true to your idea, because you will only follow the main points of the text.

However, when you decide how to do this, you think which claim is the best. You can choose from several of them. For example, there is the possibility of using facts, definitions, values ​​or policies.

5. Types of argument

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Keep in mind that there are several types of arguments and they need to be used wisely. You will do this by choosing one or using several at once, the choice is absolutely up to you. So, there is a classic argument and you will do it by simply presenting your opinion which should convince the reader of its correctness. However, do not forget to inform the reader. We tell you this for a simple reason, the strategy will be more effective if the reader does not have so much information about it. Otherwise, you may take a risk.

Then, you can make a comparison between your opinion and the opposite of yours. Try to convince the reader this way that your attitude is actually the most useful, but don’t forget the middle ground as well.

6. Distance

You need to keep a cool head while writing an argumentative essay. What does it mean? You need to keep a certain distance from the topic and approach the essay objectively. You will not be able to do that if you decide on a topic that you are too keen on, and then it would be best to avoid it. This may seem like a great choice at first because you have enough information and will be happy to share it with your readers. It is also something that you firmly believe in and therefore have more evidence to present. On the other hand, this can lead you to complete ruin. In that case, it would be best to opt for the help of professionals like homeworkhelpglobal that will remain as objective as possible and stick to valid facts.


No matter what your task is and whether it has to do with science, technology, politics or something else, it is important to convince the reader of what he is writing. We hope we have helped you write the best possible form of essay according to your needs. However, if you still need a service, do not hesitate because this can never be a bad move. This alternative provides you with an original, unique approach tailored to your individual standards and requirements