5 Reasons Your Business Need A Custom Canopy Tent for Outdoor Events

Canopy tents are versatile that fit any outdoor events. Corporate events, gatherings, dinner functions, charity events, and more. Here are 5 reasons why your business needs a custom canopy tent.

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1. Center Stage

Does your organization have a lot of personalities? Custom canopies help you set the stage for having the centerpiece attention at events, trade fairs, etc. Because of this, you have ample opportunities to learn more about your audience and customers. Who, as a consumer, doesn’t get butterflies when businesses know them on a first-name basis?

Img source: extremecanopy.com

2. Futuristic

Companies always strive to one-up each other. That’s just as much of a fact now as it was in the ‘50s. Innovation drives customers. Customized inflatable canopies, which “slow” companies ignore at events, practically do brand awareness for you.

3. Better Than Business Cards

How many business cards have you given away in the past year? Even more telling of the fallacy of business cards: how many cards have you given to the same individual who—somehow—keeps losing them? Canopies are an upgraded form of a business card: they tell people who you are, what you’re about and where you can be reached. Extreme Canopy has made efficient, easy-to-assemble outdoor canopies for more than a decade. Since frames can either be aluminum or steel, they can even withstand harsh weather conditions – meaning your durable tents are rarely at risk of damage.

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4. Intimacy

According to Kayaknv, most canopy tents are customizable, and therefore you can choose a more “closed-off” style of canopies that are more inviting and welcoming than open-spaced tent styles. These closed-off options give you opportunities to grow your relationships with potential customers. This added touch of personalization is sorely lacking from many organizations in today’s world, don’t you agree? Another thing you could do is to acquire comfortable chairs (or recliners, for that special touch) for your guests to sit in while you two have a meaningful conversation about what it is your business can do to improve their lives. These days, “organic” and authentic relationships are the most important thing in business.

5. Attention

A lot of organizations opt either for a booth or a row of tables. This bland approach to enhancing yourself in peoples’ eyes is dull, boring and incredibly “formulaic.” Canopy tents, especially when designed with the intention of capturing attention, simply stand out. In this rat race of securing sales and generating leads, sticking out is simply a matter of going past the limits of what “businesses should do” – that means stepping outside the bounds of what’s socially acceptable. A popular instance is when legendary showman P.T Barnum paid a homeless man to lay a row of bricks, in a circle, in front of an art gallery in NYC. Needless to say, a crowd formed. They ended up blocking traffic and the police had to be called.

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Everybody in the world knows that having a professional image makes your organization seem more professional. It’s simply a matter of fact that people—in our personal and business lives—enjoy the company of those who keep up their image. It’s no secret that we tend to spend more of our time around places and people that are fun and make us feel like a part of their family. This is largely the main reason why your business should invest in a quality canopy tent for your next outdoor event. Obviously, the designs you opt for are up to you – but the truth is, you’ll have nothing to lose by fortifying your relationship with your customers.