All About Bulk Carnations: What You Need to Know

It has long been believed that the carnation is a “male” flower, as it represents strength, courage, and courage. Today, the carnation has ceased to be a daily human flower and becomes more and more popular in the creation of floral decorations and bouquets, including bouquets named. Carnations flowers in bulk have recently become popular: it is used both for decorating tables and halls for celebrations and for forming bouquets.

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Bulk carnations: the symbolism of the flower and shades

If a few years ago, carnations were considered mourning flowers, then this stereotype has long since become obsolete. Now many florists are of the opinion that these flowers represent love, self-sacrifice, and strength. Before choosing a carnation wholesale, it is important to familiarize yourself with the meaning of each flower shade in order to create the perfect bouquet that speaks better than words about important feelings in the language of flowers. For example:

  • red carnation – the personification of passionate love, family ties, and affection;
  • pink – a symbol of marital fidelity and maternal care, as well as a sign of a dream come true;
  • white carnations are a sign of sincere and pure feelings, love, tenderness, and innocence;
  • light red – admiration;
  • striped – regret or refusal;
  • purple – capriciousness;
  • yellow means denial.


Also recently, breeders have bred multi-colored varieties that well embody creativity, uniqueness, and originality. Mixed specimens of carnations have various borders, colored petals, multi-colored cores and unusual shades. Order carnations in bulk is a great option for florists and decorators who want to create unique arrangements, as well as anyone who wants to choose original and special flowers.

Types of carnation

Carnations are very adaptable flowers, and the range of varieties and colors makes it possible to use them alone or in conjunction with other flowers to create distinctive compositions that are practical and long-lasting.

  • Turkish carnation. This is a popular decorative carnation. These types of carnations have shoots 30-75 cm long, with elongated pointed leaves of a green or gray color.
  • Chinese carnation. A perennial plant that combines with other undersized flowers. The petals may have one or two shades of burgundy, pink and white with thin burgundy streaks.
  • Carnation Shabo. This species includes flowers of various types: simple, double, semi-double, corrugated and deeply dissected. The width of the open bud is 4-7 cm. Shabo varies in color: from white to deep red.
  • Carnation pinnate. Carnation pinnate is popular with flower growers for its variety of colorings. The flowers of this species have a rich and strong smell. Petals are white and pink with a section towards the center.
  • Carnation grass. Each bud has five petals with serrated edges. There is a distinctive border in the shape of a ring at the base of the petals. The airy white and pink inflorescences of blooming grass are captivating.

Carnations – how to care for them?


With the right care, these flowers may maintain their lovely beauty for a very long time. It must be remembered that they should not be placed in a sunny place or exposed to cigarette smoke or street exhaust gases. Before placing them in a display case or in a vase, it is recommended to cut the stems slightly at an angle. Change the water regularly to prevent bacteria from growing in it, which shortens the life of cut flowers. It is not enough to add water. This water should be warm, not too cold.

It is worth remembering the sensitivity of cloves to ethylene. In blossoming flowers, already wilted stems should be removed. Cloves do not require special nutrients, but you can use a little potassium permanganate and sugar. Boric acid is adequate.

Carnation, due to its wide range of colors, durability and versatility, is often bought for various occasions. Elegant both individually and in compositions with other species, they are a suitable option for a floral gift to a loved one. It is worth remembering about them when you plan to buy a noble colorful bouquet. These are flowers with a rich, colorful history associated with our country. It is worth getting to know them and rediscovering the beauty of carnations.

Where to buy carnations in bulk?

The FiftyFlowers online store presents a varied catalog with different types of carnations. Here you can order carnations in bulk, the price of which will please you with availability. The demand for carnations in our store is due to the multiple advantages of the flower:

  • durability – with proper care, the plant can retain its original appearance for up to two weeks, while not susceptible to temperature extremes, weather conditions;
  • relatively low price – a significant reason for choosing when decorating weddings or premises for other events, while the floral decor always looks amazing;
  • a variety of colors – the palette includes traditional colors, as well as original shades – light green, emerald, purple;
  • the splendor of the bud – petals with fringes allow you to create delicious dense bouquets in the form of a ball;
  • versatility – you can combine the plant with any flowers – roses, chrysanthemums, peonies.


If you need to complement any celebration with the best compositions of carnations, give a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to a loved one, contact the FiftyFlowers flower shop, where you can buy original masterpieces from the most beautiful and fresh plants. In addition, customers turn to our store year after year because we have:

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Thus, ordering carnations in bulk from FiftyFlowers is your best decision. Buying carnations in bulk means keeping up with the times and creating stylish flower arrangements for any event. Florists from all over the world are already using this plant in the decoration of weddings and other events. The significance of the carnation is very high, and to make sure of this, order this unique flower from FiftyFlowers and you will fall in love with this plant forever, which will decorate your event and cheer you up.