Businesses That Benefit from Professional Stationary Products

Professional stationary products include pens, paper folders, business cards, brochures, and more. Although the industry saw a slip dip of 0.4 percent sales from 2013 to 2018, it still generated $9 billion in 2018 in the United States alone. Although technology is changing the way many companies operate and market services, there are still companies that benefit from printed stationery materials and can benefit from investing in these products.

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When new businesses are launched, they must work hard to raise their profile so that they can compete with established companies. One way to do this is to use branding to build name recognition. In order for people to remember a business, they must be exposed to the business’s name, location, or products. Startups can use free promotional items with company information printed on them to gain exposure. When people receive a useful product for free, they are more likely to view the company that provided the item favorably. This is not the only way to build name recognition, but it’s also a way of generating goodwill.

Local businesses

Although the Internet has changed the way companies operate and promote their services, there are still many traditional promotional methods that can benefit businesses in a cost-effective manner, such as promotional pens or custom post-it notes, such as those that you can find on identity-links.comhere. When companies are locally based and provide services on a local level, they can benefit greatly from products that can be circulated in the local area. Name recognition within a targeted area is more important that nationwide promotion. Although these companies can still benefit from an online presence and online advertising, they need to ensure that their marketing strategies have a local focus so that they reach the appropriate clientele. Using promotional materials that can be circulated in their region helps ensure that, as research shows that people typically keep free promotional materials for several months, and the majority of recipients pass promotional items on instead of throwing them away.

Businesses seeking investors


One of the challenges new businesses face is generating enough capital to be able to operate effectively. Without financial backers, some businesses never get the ability to produce the quality products they invision or to implement the extent of the services they had planned. Many companies seek investments in order to launch their products and services. In order to gain financial backing, these businesses must be able to convince investors to take them seriously and believe in their vision. Typically, businesses make in-person presentations to a board or group of potential investors and explain their proposal and needs. Investing in professional stationary is a way of establishing professionalism and gaining credibility. Professional stationary can also be used to effectively brand your company, services, or product, which help generate name recognition and establish the legitimacy of your business.

Businesses with face-to-face operations

There are still many businesses that rely on in-person meetings and business dealings. For example, the majority of teachers still work in physical classrooms and meet with other educators and administrators in-person on a regular basis. Banks have physical locations where individuals can receive personal assistance for their financial matters. Other companies continue to rely on meetings to maintain employee oversight or because they find that in-person operations are more effective for their purposes. Some people find themselves traveling for work, and attending conferences and workshops where they may network with other potential business partners or professionals in their field. While a person working on documents from their home may be able to relax in their pajamas at their desk, when working face-to-face, employees must be presentable, and this extends to business presentations.


Being able to present new colleagues with a business card when you meet them will leave a better impression than writing your name and number on a scrap of paper. A professionally printed folder with a professional letterhead will impress potential business partners, and improve your credibility.