Essential Tools For Staying Connected At Home

You rely on the internet for everything from your career to your personal entertainment. That’s why you need to stay connected virtually all of the time and everywhere you are.

That’s especially true when you’re at home. Without great internet service and cell phone service (along with the devices you need to take advantage of that service), you won’t be able to enjoy your evening Netflix binge or connect with friends and family far away. These are some tools you must have to keep your home connected.

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A powerful Wi-Fi router

If you’re going to stay connected at home, you’ll need fast internet. But if your internet service is spotty or slow, it may not be the fault of your internet service provider (ISP). Bad Wi-Fi routers can slow you down and fail to give you the signal strength you need.

However, you don’t have to use the Wi-Fi Router your ISP provides. If you invest in a good one, you can start getting noticeably better internet service.

A Wi-Fi range extender

Solid Wi-Fi is a must for any connected home, but even the most powerful routers have their limits. And if your fancy router is in your basement while you’re in your bedroom, you might not get the fast and reliable internet that you’re paying for.

Consider using Wi-Fi range extenders and signal boosters, or get a whole mesh router system. That way, you’ll always be within range of your router.

A cell phone signal booster

Having great Wi-Fi reception is nice, but what about your smartphone and cell phone connections? When you want to make a call using cellular service, your Wi-Fi won’t be of much help. And if you’re not particularly lucky when it comes to how close your nearest cell phone towers are (or the mountains and large buildings between your home and those towers), then you could find that your own personal space is a cell phone service dead zone.

That’s no good, but it’s a problem that you can solve. Invest in a cell phone signal booster from a brand name like Hi Boost, and start getting the cell phone service that you need, when you need it.

A smart speaker with an AI assistant

Whether you prefer Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, you should consider adding a smart speaker to your connected home setup. It’s amazing what these AI assistants can do! From reporting the weather to helping you play your favorite music, they’re powerful and friendly helpers to have in your kitchen, your living room, or your bedroom.

AI assistants also play nice with smart home products and other connected home devices. You could turn off the lights in your living room just by saying a few words, and you could control the temperature of your space even when you’re out of town.

A tablet

You probably have a smartphone (most Americans do), but do you have a tablet? The larger screens of a tablet can be much more effective than those of a smartphone when it comes to things like playing videos and streaming games. And speaking of streaming games, did you know that a whole lot of console and arcade classics are available on Android devices? Tablets can also work great as e-readers and more.

So even if you have a smartphone already, you should consider adding a tablet to your home electronics collection. It will give you yet another way to stay connected to everything else in our modern world.