How Web Design Can Help You Improve Your Business

Every business needs a website if it is to compete in the free market. As the world is becoming more and more digital, with services and goods widely acceptable to all corners of the globe, the importance of a platform from where you can conduct that business is of utmost importance.

Whether you own an eCommerce store, or provide a valuable service to the public, or even have a blog, a website is a must. However, it should be mentioned that your website needs to look the part if you are to run a successful business.

As literary everyone who is interested in your goods or services will visit your website and see what you offer, the design of the website must be up to at least some standards.

Currently, search engine optimization is more than capable of delivering organic visitors, but it cannot sustain you on its own. And for SEO to work, you will need to make some changes to your design and to the way you create content.

In this article, we are going to explicitly talk about the importance of web design, and how it can help you improve your business in your niche. Without further ado, let’s get started.

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A Good Design Can Become an Asset

In a world of professional designers, UX & UI experts, and developers, it would be stupid not to require their aid in creating a fully functional website that will also look the part.

Functionality is one thing, but the design is totally another. Both are equally important, and both specialize in different things.

A website’s design directly speaks to the visitor. The design is what your visitor sees on your website. Every photo, line of text, video, infographic, color, is a part of the design. It is up to the designer to come up with an idea of how to incorporate all of these elements into a single website that will be aesthetically pleasing.

Functionality, on the other hand, is the other equally important aspect that allows the visitor to easily navigate through your website. Having a functional website can make or break your online business, so a large portion of your time, and money should be invested in it.

Your visitors will judge your business based on these two deciding factors, so do not neglect them.

A Good Design Can Be Rewarding

Over the years, web designers found it hard to successfully navigate a visitor throughout their websites, due to the limitations of technology.

Nowadays, with the emergence of HTML5 and CSS3, web designers are more than capable of creating beautiful websites with features that were previously unavailable. Furthermore, creating a fully responsive design for mobile, tablet and various other screens was a touch task that few fully understood.

Nowadays, anything but a fully responsive website is out of the question. Since around 70% of all Google searches in 2019 were mobile-based, Google has put an emphasis on responsiveness. Those websites with a poor web design that isn’t responsive to other screens will be punished by their algorithms.

Good Design Drives Sales

According to, a company that optimizes and creates websites, a good design can drive sales.

If you simply think of a few big-name brands such as Adidas, Nike, Mercedes, ASOS, etc, and choose to visit their website, you will quickly come to the conclusion that their website design is so aesthetically pleasing that you want to buy something from them.

A good design directly speaks to the visitor how professional the company in question is. This is an important aspect that can distinguish you from the rest of your competition.

By simply visiting a website, we can determine whether we want to buy something judging only by the way we see the elements on the website. If the website is aesthetically pleasing, chances are we will engage in business.

This is something that is referred to as “wanting to engage with the brand”. With a well-placed layout, chances are your visitors will soon start adding items to their baskets.

A Good Design Creates Brand Awareness

To further explain this, let’s take a look at a few other brands. Imagine McDonald’s, Google, Coca Cola, FedEx, GAP, Pepsi, etc, all of these brands are extremely recognizable.

Without even looking at the logo we can recognize these brands only by the colors used. Out of all, McDonald’s and Coca Cola are the two most recognizable brands in the world, and T-Mobile has even trademarked the popular Magenta color, making T-Mobile extremely recognizable based only on the color.

The same can be applied to web design. By creating something so remarkable with your website design, you can create such a following that will allow you to become a recognizable brand.

The way to start doing this is by taking a look at your logo. Notice the colors, patterns, and various other elements. Now, if you want to convey your logo design to your website, you need to combine the two.

Every element found on your logo can be placed on your website. However, it should go without mentioning that consistency is important.

Incorporating your style to all of your mediums is the only way to create brand awareness, and your website is the first place to start.

A Good Design Builds Trust

Would you buy something from a poorly designed website? No, no one would. This point is similar to a previous point where we talked about sales.

Good web design will drive sales, but it will also build trust. In a world full of so many businesses all fighting for your money, we are the ones that choose with whom to engage in business.

With all that said, we mostly engage with those that we trust, and then only we can trust them is if they look professional enough. Good web design can distinguish you from your competitors in a way that you will become a trusted brand and a brand whom the people will have time for.

If you have an extraordinary level of service, then you need to show it on your website.