Jeep JT Scrambler Concept

The jeeps have become increasingly popular due to their capabilities to overcome any terrain and weather difficulty. Their design and performances are so good that these units offer a lot of reliability and power. Jeep JT Scrambler is not an exception since it is a wish and desire to bring something new in the industry.

Jeep JT Scrambler Concept Release Date

When the official debut is concerned, the speculations say that the unit would see its debut during some safari, since this is a unit predestined for that. The first one coming would be in Moab and is called Jeep Easter Safari.


As far as the exterior is concerned, we should mention that the unit has a cargo box and the hardtop can also be removed from the unit. It should be also added that the manufacturer has also tried to make the design more powerful by including throwback stripes and there are also a lot of other things installed. The bronze wheels are used and they are of 17 inches. There is also a rollbar of two inches.

We should also mention that the manufacturer has decided to use LED headlights and taillights. In addition to this, threw old also be rear-facing lamps included and this would make mounting cargo much easier during night and adverse weather since everything would be clearly seen. The exhaust used is a cat-back one and there is also a cold air intake included.


The interior is quite comfortable and cozy for a unit of this type. First of all, the materials used include leather and other materials of very good quality. We should also mention that the manufacturer used orange color all over the unit. It should be also added that modern technologies and accessories would be also included, to make the unit more modern and safer.

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