Kitchen Tiles: The Aesthetics and The Functionality – 2024 Guide

With kitchens being increasingly integrated into the living areas of a modern home, choosing the tiles has become multidimensional.

We all know what a kitchen means traditionally. According to the dictionary, a kitchen is a room or area used to prepare and cook different foods. This is the definition we have been taught in our childhood, but it is not as accurate as before, thanks to the many changes in the way we live and use a kitchen.

The kitchen in modern homes means a lot more than what it means in a dictionary. It is now more or less a part of the living area. The entire home seems to revolve around the kitchen, providing the stage for cosmopolitan living. Adults cook and prepare their foods here, while the kids play around. The kitchen also happens to be the place for most social gatherings – from welcoming them into the house or to have a mini cocktail party.

Being such a multipurpose space, it goes without saying that the choice of kitchen tiles can actually make or break your entire interior décor. It can’t be chosen just for its aesthetics either, as kitchens also need to serve its basic purpose of cooking and preparing foods.

So, how to go about buying some of that and use them to décor or renovate your kitchen? We try to find that out from below.

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Dual Factors

It’s impossible to overstretch the factors that you may need to consider before opting to buy. As you can imagine, the factors usually revolve around the functional aspects as well as the aesthetics of your kitchen. Can your flooring materials withstand the weight of a packed refrigerator or washing machine? What about the heat, water, and scratches? Should you design your kitchen uniformly or separately? These are important questions that need to be answered to find the perfect ones for your modern kitchen.

Functional Aspects

We can’t really get past the dictionary definition, can we? So, let’s forget about the look and feel of your kitchen for a while and focus solely on the functional aspects of it.

What things do you intend to get done in your kitchen? The usual answers revolve around storing foods and its ingredients, preparing the dishes through cutting, chopping, and cleaning, cooking the meals, packing and serving, etc. Storing kitchen utensils and cleaning them is also part of a kitchen’s functionality. There is also the need for modern households to place their washing machines and coffeemakers in the kitchen, so is the central heating system.

So, basically, you would be dealing with a lot of heat, temperature changes, electricity, and water right in the kitchen. Not to mention the dirt and stains stemming from all the cooking and baking activities.

As a result, your kitchen tiles must be made with highly durable materials like porcelain stoneware, which is resistant to heat and temperature. By finding tiles that absorb little to no water and are easier for stain removal, you can also reduce the maintenance effort required by your kitchen. The tiles also need to be fireproof, especially if they are placed near the worktop and the hobs. Choosing the scratch-resistant tiles can also help your kitchen to be safe for cutting and chopping while keeping it look anew even after years of use.

Aesthetic Aspects

Now that the fundamental issues of a kitchen are out of the way, we can now get back to making it look as awesome as your living spaces, if not more.

What kind of home do you live in? You can certainly integrate both a modern or a traditionally styled kitchen in any kind of home, but different homes require a different setup. You should also consider how open or closed your kitchen is going to be, how much space you have, how many large electronics you are going to place in it, etc. Then, there is also the consideration of the cupboards and storages.

Once you get an idea of the basics of your kitchen design, you can then decide about its styling approach. A modern kitchen can be given the same look and feel of your entire home or can be designed incoherently to create a contrasting impression of a secluded island. This is a very important decision that can attract all the attention to your kitchen or get it away from it. Whatever you intend to do, though, make sure it represents your personal taste and style as closely as possible.

Furthermore, take stock of how much natural lights you are going to get in your kitchen. As they are available in many different shades and hues, considering the light sources can certainly help to find the best-looking tiles that work perfectly for your setup.

Great Varieties


There is no shortage of options when it comes to tiles. In fact, the choices are so varied that it can get overwhelming. First and foremost, though, opt for manufacturers that are renowned for making high-quality porcelain stoneware tiles. Made using an ingenious mix of ceramics and stone particles, these tiles are durable and easy to maintain; offering incredible resistance to heat, water, temperature and weather changes, wears, tears and scratches; etc.

As for style, there are a great number of titles available in different colors and shades – ranging from soft, natural hues to eye-catchy extravaganza. They are also given many different finishes, such as soft, matt, glossy, textured, etc. Tiles with printed patterns, flowers, or any other natural elements are also quite common for a new project.

Thanks to some innovative manufacturers, there are also now porcelain tiles that can faithfully recreate the look and feel of other materials such as woods, metals, marble, concrete and such, offering a plethora of delicate composition for added personality.

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