14 Ways to Organize Your Small Living Room – 2024 Guide

Although we live in a small apartment, having a living room is essential no matter how small it is. Having a place to rest and relax or welcoming friends and family is important in any home. With these ideas to decorate a small living room we hope you find inspiration to decorate it.

In a small space, we have to resort to all possible tricks to make it feel spacious. In it we must make the most of the space so that we can create a comfortable and super-warm environment. For this, it is vitally important to know how to choose furniture, curtains, colors and decorative accessories, which help us visually expand the space.

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Paint the walls in light or neutral colors


Light colors are the most recommended for small spaces. Its main objective of light colors is to visually expand the space. The moldings, the ceiling and the edges must be painted white.

It is also very important that you install skirting boards to captivate attention upward and make the ceiling look taller. To reflect natural light throughout the space, you should place a large mirror on a wall opposite a window.

Buy furniture of the right scale


In order for it to look comfortable and tidy, we must place the appropriate furniture that fits perfectly in the space we have. Instead of putting a full sofa in your small room, go for a two-seater sofa with simple chairs.

It is also advisable to place furniture that is multifunctional in a small space, for example ottomans and cubes, these are used to sit and also to store some things. I suggest that you do not place a large table, rather opt for two storage cubes or ottomans. Or also choose to place a small coffee table that has a glass top. It’s always hard to find a place to put things away – so look for it everywhere you can. A sofa that opens and becomes a crate for cushions, linens, etc. is a great idea. The sofa bed is great if you often have guests and need an extra bed, etc.

Place furniture directed to the focal point


Especially the furniture can be directed to the focal point, either towards a large window, towards the entertainment area or towards a nice fireplace.

Underneath the furniture, that is, on the floor, place a beautiful large rug that matches all the decor. It is also very important that you manage to create a conversation area, for that you must place two chairs in front of a sofa or also two medium sofas facing each other.

On the upholstered furniture with large prints place beautiful covers

Always use covers that are plain and neutral in color, because they mix easily. With the covers of the same color you have to cover the whole piece of furniture, then add some nice pillows and cushions.

Use adequate curtains for the windows


On the windows of your living room you should hang nice curtains and try to make the length reach the floor, that way it  will be visually higher. If you want the light of nature to pass into the room, opt for light colored and light colored fabric curtains. But, if you want to block natural light, install curtains that are made of heavy fabrics.

Mount the TV on the wall


This will save you considerable space as the TV will not take up the entire shelf. The first thing to keep in mind is the convenience of a TV viewing position by more people in the room. In the example of a living room, it would be opposite some corner furniture, sofas,… It is a completely individual thing or arrangement where you, family members or friends will feel most comfortable while watching TV.

Another thing to keep in mind is the position of power outlets and sockets for cable television or antenna. Check that you have a long enough cable on the TV to reach the socket. The same goes for the antenna cable. Do not place your TV near a large window, as daylight glare on the screen may interfere with you and you may find it difficult to watch the program.

If this is too complicated for you to do on your own, visit here for professional tv wall mounting services.

Organize Your Small Living Room

If there is an open space in which both the dining room and living room can be accommodated, we recommend using a 2-seater sofa to define the area that your room will occupy, making the most of the space.


Different textures in walls and floors, as well as different shades in them, can make a very interesting visual effect that helps to have a more pleasant feeling.


Big windows

If you are lucky enough to locate the room right next to a large window or the doors that open onto a balcony, it will make your living room look much more spacious and pleasant.

Use carpets

The carpets with different designs and textures help to add a touch of personality and character to this space, creating a pleasant place.

Black and white

Betting on the classic combination of black and white can be a good solution for a small space, where the walls and ceilings are white and the furniture is a combination of both.


Lazy bag

The so-called lazy bags are modern furniture elements that take up little space, are practical and very fun, giving a touch of relaxation to the design of the room.

Change the lighting

Get rid of annoying ceiling lights and replace them with interesting crystal-like chandeliers. Or install low lights and lamps above the pictures. Such lighting will give your apartment a modern touch at a minimal cost.


Buy more pillows

Buy a few pads and pillows in different colors and patterns and your old set will get a whole new look! Tip: Mix and combine different prints and designs.


Although it may seem like you’re limited by space, ideas are certainly not limited. With all our advice and your imagination, you will surely beautify your living room.