Discussing Your Claim With A San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

You suffered injuries because of someone’s reckless behavior or negligence in San Diego and want to file a personal injury claim. While you probably know that you don’t need to have an attorney to proceed ahead, taking the right steps would be a lot easier with an expert on your side. If you are hiring a San Diego personal injury lawyer for the first time, here are some aspects to discuss.

Start with Facts

An injury lawyer can only help you if you are honest with them. Many factors can influence the outcome of a case. Following a personal injury, you have two primary options. If there is insurance involved, you can file a third-party claim with the other party’s insurance company and expect to get an offer. The other option is to file a direct lawsuit against the defendant in civil court. Depending on the situation, your injury lawyer can advise you on the options. Ensure that you share all relevant details –

  1. All facts that you remember about the mishap
  2. Photos and videos that you have on your phone
  3. Copies of your medical treatment and bills
  4. Copy of the police report
  5. All other details that are pertinent to the accident

Ask Questions

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You should ask as many applicable questions related to your personal injury claim. A competent lawyer is someone who will answer all relevant ones, and your questionnaire should include the following –

  1. What’s the initial impression of my personal injury claim?
  2. How often do you encounter such claims as an injury lawyer in San Diego?
  3. Do you expect the case to go to trial? If yes, have you represented clients in the past?
  4. What is the expected settlement?
  5. What should I do when the insurance company contacts me?
  6. What do you expect from me at this point?
  7. What expenses do I need to pay?
  8. What would be your fee?

You wouldn’t need to pay an injury lawyer until you win. This is called a contingency charge, which is a part of your settlement. Most law firms in San Diego take anywhere between 33% and 40% as their fee, but a lot also depends on the nature and complications of the case.

Your best bet is to have an attorney immediately after the mishap so they have enough time to find pertinent details and create a solid case to negotiate a settlement. Check online for local listings of lawyers in San Diego.


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At the end of your consultation with a San Diego personal injury lawyer, you will have a much better understanding of the case and your rights. During your meeting, you should come prepared with questions about the legal process, cautions about certain options for filing suit, and any other information related to the expectations of how to proceed. Your San Diego personal injury lawyer should be able to guide you throughout this process and provide helpful tips on how to take effective action.

With their help, you can be on your way to optimal results from a legal standpoint.