Things You Need to Know When Buying CCTV System 2024

Security is pretty important these days, and if you are someone who is worried about it, setting up a CCTV system is going to fix your worries by a lot. However, it is true that the CCTV market is basically like a minefield, and there are so many manufacturers who are selling their devices at very different price points.
Which means, if you are a “newbie” in the entire thing, you can easily get tricked into buying something which is not worth the price you paid. So, we decided to make a quick guide that will hopefully clear some things up. Let’s take a look.

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Important things you should know

Before ordering an entire CCTV system, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First of all, you need a plan of what exactly are you going to cover with the cameras. For more information visit this website.

Which angles, at which times of the day, do you need to cover multiple entrances or just one? Do you require night vision or you’ll just record during the day? Motion detection and auto tracking or just plain vanilla system?

All of these are pretty important questions that will really help you in terms of narrowing down your list of choices when you’re out there and looking to purchase a CCTV system.

Cables and management

No matter what kind of a system you are going to purchase, a cable will always be needed. Either for powering the system with electricity, or for transferring the data, or the recordings. A few adaptors might be needed as well, so keep that in mind.

What type of camera do you need?

According to, this is extremely important, because a mistake in this category can cost you an entire security flaw. Here’s why. If you plan to get a “bullet” camera, you really need to know if the location is right for it. For example, in areas where such a camera can easily be grabbed by the hand and turned around, it would be a pretty bad choice. In that particular situation, a less vandal-resistant “dome” camera will do the job more efficiently.

The quality and the output resolution

Just like every other camera out there, CCTV cameras have their own quality of recording specifications. So, you need to choose wisely. If you are securing a place which really requires a lot of detail of the picture that the camera will provide, you should always choose the Full HD 1080p cameras. If you have a place which will require many cameras but the quality is not so important, going for the cheaper, 480p ones might do the trick. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of the picture is, the more expensive the camera will be. Also, some of the more low-quality ones will not have extra features such as night vision, which takes us to our final part.

Night vision features

A CCTV camera will really help you to identify objects and people during daylight, but what happens when the sun falls down? And we all know that most shenanigans happen during the night.

Well, thanks to the quick advancement of technology, even the more “casual” CCTV systems today have some sort of night-vision features, for the cost of a few more bucks of course. If you are planning to secure something such as a night club or a place that’s not really well-lit at all times, definitely consider grabbing yourself a system which has night-vision.