‘Tis the Season For Accidents: Tips For Safe Driving During Any Holiday

You see accidents happen on the road all the time but do you know when the most accidents occur on the road? Some people would say during the summer months and some would say in the winter months but it’s during the holidays (any holiday) when most accidents occur. It’s during the holidays that most people get on the road to visit family and friends so there’s a higher chance of accidents because it’s higher than normal amount of people traveling on the road.

If you think about it, it actually makes sense that a holiday week or weekend would be the time when most accidents occur. You have people driving tired, people driving in weather conditions they’re not used to, and people driving distracted or under the influence, so there are all types of different factors to consider but all of those factors are causes of car accidents and a lot of times, fatal car accidents, as stated by IDriveSafely.com.


You would think that staying safe on the road would be a lot easier these days with all the advancements in car technology safety features but the advanced safety features can’t be the only thing keeping you safe while driving… you have to be a safe and attentive driver too. In newer model cars, you can expect these advancements of safety features to come standard for many makes and models of cars:

  • Rearview cameras to prevent accidents when backing up or backing out of a busy area.
  • Additional airbags to further protect passengers in the event of an accident.
  • Blindspot detection to prevent accidents when switching lanes.
  • Electronic stability controls to prevent skidding (which can cause pile-ups)

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The Numbers Don’t Lie

On a typical day, there will, of course, be accidents; some are major accidents and some are small fender-benders but regardless of how severe the accident is, it’s still a serious event. Did you know that on holidays, the rate of car accidents increased by 34% over the past decade? And that’s just for accidents that are non-fatal. Accidents that resulted in fatalities increased by 38%.


The New York Times states that in 2016, 40,200 people died in car accidents. The last time such an alarming fatality statistic like that came about was in 2007 when a whopping 40,000 people died from motor vehicle accidents. These instances are indeed heart wrenching and it’s the last thing you want to think about every time you get into your vehicle but you do have to be smart in knowing that every time you get into your car, you’re putting your own life at risk.

That reason alone is why you need to take extra measure to protect yourself for the possibility of an accident. You first want to make sure you have car insurance with a trusted company. Secondly, in case you are involved in a car accident, you definitely want to make sure you visit autoaccident.com to fight for you in your time of need. A good way to look at protection and coverage when driving is “it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Staying Safe on the Road

Only Drive When You’re Well-Rested

It’s so easy to get in your car thinking that you’re fine to make that 7-hour drive but the reality of it is, you’re not and people get on the road all the time, driving drowsy. It’s often times been said that drowsy driving is just as bad as drunk driving. Now, it’s understandable that the holidays are indeed busy times for families. You stay up late and most times wake up early, leaving you not much time to fully rest, especially the day before you’re supposed to drive back home.


If you’re in a situation where you’re not able to get the full amount of rest needed for your drive, the best thing you can do for yourself and other drivers on the road is not try to push yourself to drive through your tiredness to get home faster. If you’ve driven for a few hours and then start to feel sleepy, pull over to the nearest hotel or gas station to take a quick nap. Sometimes 20 minutes of sleep can boost your energy levels right up!

Avoid Drinking Alcohol and Getting Behind the Wheel


With it being the holidays, a lot of clubs and bars will be having parties to celebrate the holiday and with that comes the urge to want to go out and party with your friends and family. You get together with everyone, “pre-game”, and then designate the “DD” (designated driver)… that plan always seems to be a good idea until the DD has a few drinks of their own and becomes impaired.

It’s occasions like this that rideshare transportation comes in handy. Yes, it can get expensive on holidays but it’s better to pay for a safe ride out and return home than to lose your life over an assumption that you think you’re okay to drive.

Give Yourself Ample Travel Time

When it comes to the holidays, everyone just seems to be in a rush and that’s what causes accidents. If you’re traveling somewhere for the holidays, give yourself enough time to get there. If you obligate yourself to a restricted timeline, you’ll find yourself speeding and neglecting certain safety standards… Wake up a little earlier and don’t stress about being late if being late means you’re driving safely

Safe Travels!


Yes, the holidays are the most dangerous times of the year to drive but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay home in order to stay safe… get out of the house and enjoy your friends and family during the holidays! When it comes to holiday travel, as long as you know and understand the risks involved and make those extra efforts to stay safe on the road, you’ll have a smaller chance of getting involved in a car accident.