Top 5 Garden Maintenance Equipment for Summer

Looking after your business is important; managing your finances and ensuring that your staffs are of the highest quality, that your teams work well together and you’re doing the maximum to ensure that you succeed as a business. With this being said, failing to look after the physical appearance of your business and its location’s exterior can be a make-or-break situation as far as new customers are concerned.

Garden maintenance and ensuring that your business looks incredible from the ground up is particularly intrinsic in a day and age where a good first impression is so important to new customers. System Hygiene gives some of their top tips.

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Eliminate any dirt with a pressure washer

Your customers’ first impression of your brand, your restaurant or your storefront may well be made on the walk on the pavement up to the door – and once a bad first impression has been established, it’s quite difficult to change that opinion. Keeping your office exterior spick and span is something that people forget about- there’s more to it than just cleaning the windows and making sure the bins have been emptied. Using a pressure washer to give your outside pavements a bit of much needed tender loving care is an easy fix and one that doesn’t have to cost the world. Giving your potential customers a clear and clean walkway to approach your business versus a messy and dirty pavement could be the difference between retaining or losing them.

Bring out the lawnmower

If you’re fortunate enough to have lawns outside your building, then keeping on top of their upkeep is most likely your responsibility. Ensuring that your lawns are prim and don’t become overgrown is easily done with a lawnmower. A messy lawn doesn’t send a particularly good message to customers and the effort involved in mowing a lawn isn’t all that much when you consider the positive repercussions. High-quality garden maintenance is an easy, sure fire way of impressing potential customers before they’ve even stepped foot into your offices.

Invest in a quality leaf blower

Unfortunately, the weather can’t be helped and living in the United Kingdom even in the summer months doesn’t necessarily guarantee you good weather. With bad weather and heavy gusts of wind comes the inevitable leaf loss. Leaves falling from trees don’t give the most attractive of aesthetics, particularly when combined with the aforementioned bad UK weather. Investing in a good quality leaf blower, clearing your pathways of flyaway leaves and unwanted mess gives your customers the impression that you care about your brand’s appearance.


Perhaps the most simple of investments as far as garden maintenance is concerned is brushing away any leaves uplifted by your leaf blower. Having a quick tidy around when needed could be the difference between success and failure where new customers are concerned. Invest in quality bristled brushes and you’ll find that this attention to detail is the key to maintaining a neat and tidy business entrance.

Garden storage solutions

Keeping your outside space well maintained and tidy likely means you need a place to store your outdoor garden maintenance equipment – you can’t have it gathering dust and rust outside, after all. And if your garden has some overgrown trees and bushes, tree pruning or trimming might be vital. is a licensed and certified company that can handle the job for you. Investing in garden storage solutions allows you to keep the outside of your business as organised as the inside – inviting your customers to a tidy and maintained environment can only be beneficial to your business. A good first impression is important as it is quite often a lasting impression- and you can only make a first impression once.