Where Do You Put a Microwave in a Small Kitchen – 2024 Guide?

Renovating the kitchen and installing kitchen elements is one of the very important parts of decorating the whole house. Not only should it look beautiful, but it should also be functional. The proper and planned use of every inch of space helps us feel more comfortable in our home, but also to do things better and faster. If the kitchen is small, then planning and measuring things must be absolutely precise. There needs to be enough space for a fridge, stove and basic items. But what about the microwave in small kitchens?

In today’s modern and above all fast-paced times, it’s hard to imagine a kitchen without a microwave. Quickly prepared meals are almost a necessity. But if you have a small kitchen, you will usually first think of getting rid of unimportant and old things. Of course, you should do that, but be careful: the microwave is not unimportant!

In this little guide, we will try to help you organize the space needed for a microwave in your small kitchen.

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Workspace in the kitchen as an ideal place

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The first place you can place your microwave is on your kitchen board. Placing a microwave on your kitchen workspace does not require additional investment or reconstruction of your kitchen. It is a very functional place because it is at a comfortable height and there are no elements that would interfere with the door opening. However, before you decide on this position, check what your work surface is made of and whether it can withstand the heat that the microwave emits. It is not good for the microwave to stand near heat and water sources. Find a place that bothers you the least and that is underused.

Fridge as a shelf

If feasible, you can put the microwave on your fridge, of course, if you have a low-size fridge. If you see that this option is possible, you still need to pay attention to a few things. If you are going to use the microwave several times a day, it may be better to find another solution. If there are ventilation drains on the bottom of the microwave, be sure to place it on its legs or protect it with a certain surface that is a heat insulator. Even plywood can do a good job.

Holders as salvation

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Another great option for a small kitchen is to place a holder on which the microwave will stand. Just hang it up. However, if your walls are not made of concrete and durable, you will have to find another solution. If the wall is concrete, the problem is solved. The design or color of the carrier can occupy your attention the most, the rest is solved. Make sure that the carriers are long enough for the microwave to be stable, and ask your seller if they can withstand a weight of about 10 kg, which is mostly the weight of the microwave. It would be good to order stickers with the carriers that will be in direct contact with the microwave and protect it from moving during use. Regardless of whether you have these stickers or not, if you decide to have your microwave stand on the carriers, be very careful when opening the door. Always be careful.

Perfect shelf

If you are sure that everything in your kitchen is arranged in the only way that it can fit and that there is no more arrangement of furniture, there is another solution for your microwave. Buy or make a shelf. Find a place on the wall where you can hang a shelf for a microwave. This shelf can be multifunctional, with or without doors, all depending on your space. If you still do not have room for something like this, you can buy or make a shelf with legs that you will easily walk through your kitchen. Small space is a big challenge, and creativity is very important here. The ideal solution is a microwave storage cart that can fit into any occasion and aesthetically look very attractive. You can see more about the microwave storage cart at Hawoo Home.

The higher the better?

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The ideal solution for small kitchens is to place the microwave above the work surface, ie to fit it into other elements. The height of the microwave placed in this way is ideal and it is very functional. However, you need to organize the layout in the kitchen quite precisely and according to the elements. Here you must take care that the microwave is not blocked on the side where the ventilation openings are located.

Fit it with the oven

If you are renovating your small kitchen and want new and modern furniture, it is more attractive to install microwave above or below the oven. In this way, the interior is ideally filled and all additional elements are integrated. Due to the lack of space, do not neglect the microwave, because in most cases it will replace the right oven, and much faster and more efficiently.

From the microwave directly to the dining table

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In certain situations, the kitchen can be so crowded that there really is no room for a microwave. You checked everything and still nothing, it just doesn’t fit. In these situations, the best solution is to place the microwave on the dining table. If there is space, place the microwave at the very end of the dining table. This way, it will be at hand at every opportunity, and the hot dish from the microwave goes directly to the table, without waiting. It may not look aesthetically appealing but why not, yet functionality comes first.

Corner closet, why not?

For small kitchens, corner cabinets can be an ideal solution for saving space. It could be an ideal place for your microwave. These cabinets really know how to surprise you with their functionality.

Every kitchen is challenging for itself. Sometimes the surface of the kitchen is not as important as the layout of the walls or the organization itself. There are different possibilities and different desires. There is no exact advice for installing a microwave in your small kitchen, but we have tried to list a few different possibilities. Solving this problem is not an easy task. The kitchen, however, has its priorities, and the microwave is certainly not in the first place. It takes a little imagination and doesn’t forget, wherever you choose it needs to have enough space around the microwave for ventilation.