Why Do We Have A Salad For Lunch Each Day?

Eating a salad every day for lunch for a month can do wonders. For some it just happens, some plan to do it. You do not have to be vegan or vegetarian to be conscious about what you put in your body. Everyone knows that vegetables and fruit are better than sugary and fatty food. However, a stress-free lunch that is healthy and nutritious is hard to think off during a busy day. Therefore, a salad per day is more than beneficial for our bodies. You do not have to do it to lose weight, just to eat and be healthy. Following is a list of benefits that come by eating a salad each day!


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It is Delicious

It is only a myth that salads have to be boring and without flavor. This is both untrue and misleading. People believe that vegetables cannot be as tasty as other foods. Of course it is “tastier”, as it has tons of sugar, salt, or fats. Humans work in a way where they seek these properties in foods in order to survive. Each individual has to pick what they eat and do it smart. If you want your salad to have flavor, make it tasty! Add things you like, but do not overdo it to the point where it is not a salad anymore. Experiment until you find that perfect mix of spices, toppings and condiments for dream salad!


It is Very Customizable

Everything in your life that you can afford to customize to your liking, you should. Salads are no different. Have fun and enjoy making it. Try a little bacon, or avocado. It does not have to be just green vegetables. Mix it up with other colors, add olive oil or garlic powder. Oregano, parsley and other green spice plants are perfect as well. For a stronger salad, add chicken breast meat or tuna. Keep it healthy however, and always go with more vegetables than meat and add-ons.


It is Super-Fast and Easy

There is not much to say here, really. Simply take a big plastic mixing bowl, wash the vegetables, chop them, add spices and oil, mix it and serve. This is it. Of course, if you want bacon, chicken or tofu, you will have to cook it or fry it first. Still, it is not too long. If there are two people, one can cook while other chops. Easy. Meal preparation comes without stress when you opt for a salad. When you make up your mind on a salad, you are free mentally as well. Even the dishes do not pile up. Other than a bowl, you only need a kitchen knife, a fork and a chopping board. Pick the professional-quality damascus kitchen knives at imarku.net.


It is Pretty Healthy

Again, this depends on what you put in it. However, vegetables are still vegetables, and even if a salad has more add-ons than recommended, it is not as big of a deal as junk food. When you cut fresh raw veggies, they pile up quickly. You will eat a few of them without realizing it, and be full. Your body does need salt, oil and animal protein, so a little bit of everything should go in every salad, as long as the vegetables are fresh and uncooked.


It is Affordable

Another myth we are going to bust here is that eating healthy is almost unaffordable. This is not always true, and depends what you mean by eating healthy. Fresh produce can be more expensive than processed food. However, make sure to buy your vegetables in bulks and eating every piece, and you will save money. Do not let it go bad. This is easy with salads, because if you decide to buy a bigger amount, say many carrots, cucumbers, and a whole head of lettuce or a bag of spinach, you will have enough for 3-4 days of big salads. Nothing will go bad, you will be set for most of the week, and eat healthy. Salads are also great for planning ahead, so take advantage of this.Choose your perfect salad spinner on Kitchenistic.


Easy Salad Recipe

Now for an easy salad recipe. The ingredients here are widely available. Here we go!

Base Ingredients

You do not have to include all of them in every salad, but you can if you want:

2 handfuls of Kale
2 handfuls of Spinach
1 Tomato
1-2 Stalks of Celery
1/4 Onion
1/4 unpeeled Cucumber
1 Unpeeled Large or 2 Small Carrots
1 Bell Pepper


Optional Ingredients

Again, not all of these at once. Try different flavor combinations. Bacon and avocado are perfect together, feta and olives mix well, chicken and sunflower seeds as well.

Cooked bacon, chicken, tofu
Feta or Parmesan cheese
Sundried Tomatoes
Pumpkin and unsalted sunflower seeds
Anything else you like


Salad Dressing
Keep it simple with dressings, with one type of oil and a few dry spices. Also try switching up the oil for vinegar or lemon/lime juice.

Olive or Sunflower Oil
Garlic Powder
Salt + Pepper
Lemon Juice, Paprika, balsamic vinegar
Parsley, Oregano, Chives, etc.

Wash and cut the veggies to a desired size, put in a large mixing bowl
Cook the extras if necessary
Add other extras
Mix well, serve and enjoy!