Why Email Lists Are Important For Your Business

An email list is a simple list of email addresses that people have given you permission to send them updates and promotions regarding your business and related products.

Building an email list is very easy, but it does require a platform where people will sign their email addresses. However, sending emails to addresses signed is much easier if the email list is integrated within a marketing software. This is why marketing software has email lists integrated. Such software allows you to update your current email list, send emails, run promotions, and notify for any changes regarding your service.

But with all that said, why email lists are still so important to businesses? In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of email lists within current your current business setting.

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Why Email Lists are Important?


First, it’s safe to say that an email is still a viable form of digital marketing that has an excellent impact on your return of investment (ROI). With more than 4300% success rate, email is seen as one of, if not, the best forms of digital marketing for both small and big businesses. You can easily create one with tools like this one.

1.    It Delivers The Best Conversion Rate

Oddly enough, email was predicted to die off more than two decades ago. But history has proven otherwise with services such as Gmail being one of the most popular email providers. What’s even more interesting is that most Android smartphone users integrate their emails with their devices to fully utilize its potential.

But according to Thechecker.co, email has 10 times more conversion rate than most social media campaigns. If we take into consideration how much more popular social media campaigns are compared to email campaigns, the numbers are pretty damningly in favor of the latter.

There is a clear reason as to why this is the case, and we are going to explain it nicely in our second point which is…

2.    Email is Personal


Most people have willingly subscribed to your email list through your website. That is the most important thing to understand. Email lists work because people want to see what you have in store from them. Most social media ads are far from targeted, and even further from personal. On the other hand, you and your email subscribers share a unique connection that both have “subscribed” to it. Furthermore, email lists give you 100% reach to all of your subscribers, as opposed to the 2% (predicted) by social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

3.    Email is Purposeful and Targeted


Email serves a purpose that is unique to you. Everyone has an email address, while not everyone has a social media account. People can live without social media, but email servers a far greater purpose in today’s world of business.

Furthermore, those who have subscribed to your email list are clearly people that have shown interest in your product or service. Through email lists, you can satisfy the needs of your subscribers by delivering uniquely targeted content to each and every single one of them. With highly personalized emails that contain anything from promotional information, to blog posts, to even discounts and newsletters, email lists are truly a game-changer because people want to see what you have for them.